Feb. 4th, 2014

Found this on Big Ball of No Fun and it looked like it'd be fun - so here I go!

(I'm a few days late getting started, so bear with me...)

Day 1: First person who introduced me to D&D. What edition? First character?

The first person to introduce me to AD&D was my dad. I received the Holmes Blue Box edition for Christmas, 1980. He was the first to read the books and get us (my mob, my brother and I) started on our first adventure.

That's right. My dad was my first DM. I can feel the jealousy dripping off of you... ;-)

My first character was Laggamundo the thief. Sadly, he did not survive his first adventure.

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Day 2: First person who I introduced to D&D. What edition? First character?

I had to think about this one. I've been playing D&D in one form or another for, what, 33 years now? Gotta say that I've been lucky - I've always found people who already played the game.

Still, there are two people who I've introduced the game to, and both they and I are glad for it. In fact, their only complaint is that we haven't found time to play the game.

Those people are my daughter (B, her first character is the elven ranger Alexia Eveningfall) and son (F, whose first character is the dwarven warrior Franush Doomhammer). They were introduced on D&D 3.5, but we have moved over to Pathfinder.


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Day 3: First Dungeon I explored as a Player Character or ran as a DM

I'm gonna answer both of these:

First Dungeon I explored: Laggamundo's first (and last) adventure took him "In Search of the Unknown", exploring the Caverns of Quasqueton, home of famed adventurers Roghan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown. This was the adventure that came with the boxed set; I think I still have that copy, with Dad's hand written notes in it.

First Dungeon I ran: The Keep on the Borderlands. For many a Saturday morning, I ran my dad and brother through the myriad dangers of the Caves of Chaos. Didn't do a great job of it, IMO, but hey, I was young and new to being a Dungeon Master.

Y'know, thinking back, everyone was having fun - so I guess I didn't do too bad a job. If everyone was having fun, then the game qualifies as a success. Plus, it introduced me to the joys of Owlbears, so there's that!


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Day 4: First dragon your character slew (or other powerful monster)

Um. Wow. Heh.

I'm gonna leave out the loose group of characters we had that slew a few gods and assumed their powers, then got the ship from S3 - Expedition to the Barrier Peaks functional through some carefully worded wishes...

Many of my characters never got into the higher levels, mostly due to a lack of long-term games (South-central NJ never seemed to become a hotbed of gaming...). It wasn't until college that I had a character advance into the higher levels of power. That mage, Gelentan Turana, faced two truly powerful enemies that he and his comrades prevailed against: an aboleth and a demon. I believe the demon was the first we took down. Well, I took down.

No really, it was me.

See, I had a magic item in that game that (among other things) allowed me to cast "Flesh to Gold" once per year. I still remember the look on the DM's face when he failed first the magic resistance check ("WHAT?!? OK, no problem, he'll make his saving throw") and then the saving throw. Bless his heart, our DM felt it necessary to determine *exactly* how many pounds of gold a 12' demon would be.

Damn near wrecked the local economy... ;-)



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