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Day 3: First Dungeon I explored as a Player Character or ran as a DM

I'm gonna answer both of these:

First Dungeon I explored: Laggamundo's first (and last) adventure took him "In Search of the Unknown", exploring the Caverns of Quasqueton, home of famed adventurers Roghan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown. This was the adventure that came with the boxed set; I think I still have that copy, with Dad's hand written notes in it.

First Dungeon I ran: The Keep on the Borderlands. For many a Saturday morning, I ran my dad and brother through the myriad dangers of the Caves of Chaos. Didn't do a great job of it, IMO, but hey, I was young and new to being a Dungeon Master.

Y'know, thinking back, everyone was having fun - so I guess I didn't do too bad a job. If everyone was having fun, then the game qualifies as a success. Plus, it introduced me to the joys of Owlbears, so there's that!


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