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Day 9: First campaign setting (published or homebrew) you played in?


Not 100% certain. Mainly because I don't recall (and I'm certain that one of the Knights of the Sextagonal Table will remind me) if Mr. Steve's game was set in the Forgotten Realms or not. If so, then the Realms it was.

If not, then it was the homebrew setting known to us as "Decker's World".

Either way, it wasn't until college. So there's that.

Personally, I've ran more campaigns in the Forgotten Realms than anywhere else. They had a lot of sourcebooks available for me to work with. I don't create from whole cloth really well, but I do a really good job of synthesis - taking multiple sources and turning the parts I like into a cohesive whole. Not that I *can't* or haven't created on my own...but it's not my strength.

Right now, my game is set in Golarion - the official Pathfinder world. I've changed bits of that as well, bringing in parts of other worlds.


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