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Day 18: First gaming convention you ever attended.

Heh. Easy one. GenCon '89. It was the summer between the freshman and sophomore year of college. Dad suggested that he, my brother, and I drive out for the convention. We rented a car and left Tuesday night. Dad and I alternated driving, since my brother didn't have his license yet.

I still have the clipboard and the mug I got from that con. Also have more than a few memories
  • The 3 morning Dungeon Master workshop ("Neon" signs that say "Don't Adventure Here")
  • Narrowly losing out as the best player in the Villains and Vigilantes game
  • The AD&D open
  • The one non-gaming memory: Watching people "step-to" when Dad flashed the AmEx Corporate card (never seen hotel staff move like that before or since)
  • Gazing around in wonder at the dealers room

It sparked something in me that hasn't been extinguished yet. I still work cons, I just don't go to many "big" ones, usually due to some combination of time and money.


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