Not much, how 'bout you? I'm not sure why I called...

Ok, enough o' that crap.

Yes, I know I've done that before, but not recently, and I'm not firing on all cylinders right now, so go soak your head. ;-)

Anyway, this is likely to get long and rambly, and before it's all said and done, I may put it behind a cut.

So, lemme start out with some administrivia. Please give a warm welcome to [ profile] rainlust who found me through the [ profile] ljover30 community. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.

[ profile] mousecat0: Normally I start out talking about me (this is *my* LJ after all), but this needs to be put out there first. For the last month/month-and-a-half or so, my lovely wife has been having problems with her left arm. Shooting pain, numbness, etc. She saw one of the docs in one of the buildings she manages, who recommended she see a specialist. Long story short, they believe she has a pinched nerve in her neck causing the problem. They put her on a relatively short steroid regimen and prescription ibuprofen, as well as physical therapy.

Unfortunately, it hasn't worked. If anything, things have gotten worse. And to the point where last night she sat in bed crying for 20-30 minutes from the pain, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do except sit there and hold her hand, because I didn't know if doing anything more would make things worse. I gave her some Tylenol PM to help both the pain and to help her sleep. I didn't sleep well because I was constantly monitoring her. If she didn't have the followup visit today, I might have considered taking her to the ER. Of course, I don't know what they could have done.

Anyway, today's appointment resulted in her getting an appointment for an MRI. I don't know when the appointment is, unfortunately.

Me: Um, take away the stress and frustration over the arm thing and I'm ok. Otherwise, right now, I'm tired and frustrated. The tired thing I can handle, it's the not being able to do anything that's...not so easy to handle. For all of my gifts, healing is not on the list.

Kids: Doing well, champing at the bit for school to let out for the summer. Both are concerned, however, for their mom, and this tempers their spirits a bit. However, a note of congratulations is in order for [ profile] mouseling1 and the rest of the North Bethesda Middle School Chorus for taking first place in the "Music in the Park" competition last weekend at Busch Gardens. The NBMS Band and NBMS Orchestra took second place in each of their respective competitions there as well, and congratulations are due them as well.

Work: is work. Contract has been renewed through the end of December. We'll see what happens then.

Mother's Day: Went very well, despite my attempts to screw up the baking. How so? Well, lessee, first there was the sugar-free cheesecake, which I could have sworn called for the graham cracker crust to be baked first. Except I obviously read it wrong, for I burned two crusts. The third, made with the last of the graham crackers I bought, was fine, and so was the rest of the cheesecake. Then I tried to make the cinnamon rolls, and the dough wouldn't rise. [ profile] mousecat0, being the consummate baker that she is, warmed up the oven and threw the dough in there...where it promptly rose. [ profile] luvmomh seemed to enjoy everything, and I think it was a great time for everyone.

Gaming: My Pathfinder game has started it's next stage, as the party has moved on to helping a small Keep on the Borderlands. Perhaps the best line of the last session was made by the barbarian, who, upon arriving at the keep and being questioned by the surly corporal of the gate, announced "We're from the Government! We're here to help!" They have also been introduced to the "Curse of Competence" - since they did such a remarkable job of taking care of a bandit problem they'd been having, they were given a chance for greater fame and glory by being commissioned to find and eradicate the threat of the so-called "Caves of Chaos". Ah, what fun!

Not much electronic/online gaming of late. No time.

Cons: As has been announced elsewhere, the current plan is that we will be attending Origins this year. In fact, we've already registered for the con and our events. Plan is to leave early in the AM on Wednesday and come home Monday. I'm glad that we were able to make this happen - if what I'm hearing is true, we may not be going for a while. It seems that they may move Origins to Memorial Day weekend. This, IMO, is going to be a major mistake, as most students are not out of school yet. And for all that they've been pushing this as a family convention...I foresee a sharp drop in attendance if the date change becomes a reality.

Otherwise, TCEP 18 is on track, and Intervention 2011 is full steam ahead as well. At TCEP, I'll be running two sessions of the 4th annual Arneson/Gygax Memorial Dungeon Crawl, as well as a RPG session for the younger kids (probably Avengers based) and who knows what else.

TV notes: Watched the latest ep of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes last night. Loved the cameo appearances of Ben Grimm & Johnny Storm. This series is REALLY Good. So, for that matter, is Young Justice, though some of the vocal mannerisms are gonna drive me up a wall.

I think that's all I got for now.

I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
Origins: 34 Days!
TCEP 18: 138 Days!
Intervention: 152 Days! [ profile] mouseling1, aka my daughter Bridget. She just started her LJ here.

No idea what she'll be writing, add her if you want.
...but only $0.02 after taxes.

Hey there, how are ya today? Got a little bit of time right now, so I thought I'd drop by and rearrange some electrons. Maybe even post something? Heaven forefend!

OK, ok, enough of all o' that. Time for a Bullet List Of Doom (tm)!

DOOM! Doom, I say!
  • Administrivia: Please give a warm welcome to the three newest readers of this little slice of insanity: [ profile] leaf_kunoichi, [ profile] jvmatucha, and [ profile] mummoth, all of who found me through the friending frenzy I pimped yesterday. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Doing well. Slept for about 10 hours on Tuesday night, and have felt better since. Looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend.
  • Family: Doing reasonably well. Still have to occasionally sit on people to get them to do their homework. [ profile] mousecat0 may be enjoying the next few days of work a little, since the boss will be in the Bahamas. B turns 13 in 18 days. Not sure I'm ready for a teenager yet. ::sigh::
  • Work: is work. And nothing on the other front, but nothing was expected yet. Have about 2-3 weeks before I hear anything.
  • Where we've been: Not much of anywhere, really. At home for the most part, relaxing, cleaning, know the routine. Got some stuff coming up though, which I will talk about in...
  • Where we'll be: [ profile] mousecat0 & B will be at Katsucon this weekend, at least on Saturday. F & I will be at home doing some work, then probably going to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's on Sunday for the Daytona 500. I'm not really a NASCAR fan, but F. likes it, and it's a chance to see family for a bit. a bit of a treat/surprise for the kids. [ profile] mousecat0 is gonna take a half-day and we're gonna take the kids to see the International Spy Museum. After that, we've got meetings, and scout functions, and birthday stuff...we'll be good and busy until the end of March. I think.
  • Wisconsin: I need to take a moment here to talk about this mess. Let's leave aside the fact that I'm looking for a federal job, ok? If we are going to tak a serious look at things, we have to admit one thing: in certain ways, the unions are broken. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in any job where they have to deal with a union can tell you that there are some people who need to go, but you can't get them out because of tenure. And I'm not talking about some worker who has put in many long years and is kinda coasting the last year or two until their retirement - I honestly don't begrudge them that. But I am talking about those people who know that it's damn near impossible to get fired and who use that fact to get away with being obstructionist, petty, lazy, incompetent, burned out, or just plain useless. I've seen it in every government agency I've worked in. Every teacher worth their salt that I've known sees these people too. Yes, there's a place for longevity and not being able to fire people just because they're older, but there has to be a way to get rid of the deadwood. And this whole idea of stripping away the collective bargaining rights is also fucking stupid. Especially from teachers, who are not, and have never been paid enough. The unions may be a part of the problem, but the bigger problem (by far) is the ridiculous idea on the part of the American people that they want it all, they want it now, and they don't want to pay for it. Paying the people who run the government (and I ain't talking about the politicians - they're about as useful as a gnat's fart in a windstorm - I'm talking about the rank and file...the people who actually do the work) a good wage is neither wasteful nor unreasonable. Paying the people who we trust to educate our children a good wage is neither wasteful nor unreasonable. *IF THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOB* The unions need to get off their ass and figure out a way to make merit part of the criteria for tenure. The politicians need to get over themselves and look at people and corporations and say "Hey, you want this stuff? Pay up".
  • Gaming: Well, we're 3 sessions into the new Pathfinder game. I know I'm not "feelin' it" as a GM as I take them In Search Of The Unknown, but that's in large part due to the fact that this is a straight-out dungeon crawl with little to no story. In this case, it's probably just as well, as we're all learning the system. It's just that I like my adventures to have a little more story behind them. We'll get there. They've only got one more session in here, I think. Then it's on to the Keep on the Borderlands (I think).
  • WoW: Still playing a few nights a week. Completed the new questlines, just have Dungeons and raids to see. Probably start leveling my Archaeology and Fishing.

I think that's all I got for now.
I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.

Peas. Out.

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Origins: 125 Days!
TCEP 18: 197 Days!
Intervention: 211 Days!
So, it's been farrrrr too long since I've done any update of substance.

So here we go. Get some coffee (or beverage of choice) and get comfy.
  • Administrivia: Please give a warm welcome to the three newest readers of this little slice of insanity: [ profile] magsmom, [ profile] _luaineach, and [ profile] onezumi. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Doing well. I'm in good spirits. Hallowe'en is done, and the planning and prepping for Thanksgiving begins in earnest. I'm feelin' good and looking...well, like myself. Which is to say that I'd lose to Godzilla in a beauty contest, but hey, that's normal, so it's all good. In early to work this AM since the kids are off from school (Teachers Professional Day) and I can drop F off at his after-school care as early as 0700. I'll use the time towards my day off for AnimeUSA later in the month.
  • I probably don't need to say this to y'all, but it bears repeating: Please, tomorrow, go out and vote. Thank you.
  • Family: Well, everyone is doing pretty well. The kids are on a bit of a sugar high (Duh!) and are enjoying the long weekend. [ profile] mousecat0 & B are gearing up for NaNoWriMo; I'm staying out of the way. F was dealing with some sorta low-end stomach bug about half the weekend. No barfing, just stinky gas, gas pains, mild nausea, and the runs.
  • NaNoWriMo: To everyone who is participating, good luck to you.
  • Work: We seem to have passed the first milestone. Now for the next big one. After that, things calm down a bit. We hope.
  • What we've been doing: Well, lessee, it's been over a month since last update. EEP! OK, by week then:
    • Sept 27 - Oct 3: Cleaned up from painting the Living room. Went to MD Renaissance Faire. Went to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football and to celebrate [ profile] luvmomh's birthday. [ profile] mousecat0 made an awesome tiramisu for the shindig.
    • Oct 4 - 10: My car wouldn't start after getting cup of coffee (connection to starter motor was bad). Total was ~$130. Touched up paint in LR. Replaced trim around front door (had to do the whole thing because I couldn't find matching trim). Cleaned front of condo. Brought Halloween decorations out of storage.
    • Oct 11 - 17: Enjoyed day off on the 11th. Car needed jumpstart at work on the 15th. Bought battery for my car and tires for [ profile] mousecat0's car. Decorated front of condo.
    • Oct 18 - 24: Not much other than take long weekend to go to NJ to visit lighthouses (which will get it's own post).
    • Oct 25 - 31: Watched horror movies. Had car starter die on me. Had starter replaced. Took F. Christmas List shopping. Gave out candy.
  • Gaming: Not too much, not even WoW. I logged on a few times to try for the Headless Horseman's mount, but never got it.
  • What's coming up: Well, lessee, this week, we're going out to dinner on Thursday to celebrate the birthday of [ profile] mousecat0 and her sister, then grocery shopping on Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner (the menu for which gets it's own post). Also need to defrost the freezer and rearrange and clean out the fridge. Lots of food coming in. Need space. The following weekend is AnimeUSA, which, while we are attending, we will no longer be staying at the hotel (see auto repairs above). If we can get and keep things cleaned up, then one or more of us may go up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
  • Horror flicks: My son F. doesn't care for them, neither does [ profile] mousecat0. My daughter B & I watched several over the last few days, most of which she hasn't seen before. I had the joy of introducing her to:She seemed to enjoy them, and jumped at the end of Carrie. Like I still do. And I've probably seen it two dozen times.
I think that's all I've got for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes today a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
Anime USA: 11 Days!
Sorry, you warm weather lovers, but the summer is drawing to a close, and with it begins my favorite season of the year: Fall. YAY!!!

But hey, how are ya? Hopefully doing well, or at least reasonably so.

So, let's get this party started with some...
  • Administrivia: Please give a warm welcome to the three newest readers of this little slice of insanity: [ profile] rusty_chevy, [ profile] nyxalinth, and [ profile] adelheid_p, all of whom honored me by choosing to follow me after reading last weeks rant. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Doing pretty well at the moment. I keep waking up in the morning, so I keep having a succession of good days. With the kids being in NJ last week, we managed to get a number of things done, even though we didn't get *everything* done we wanted to. Wouldn't mind a nap right now, though.
  • Family: Well, the kids aren't ready for summer vacation to be over. Yeah, who knew? They are ready, however, from a school supplies perspective. Have been since the end of July. [ profile] mousecat0 is doing pretty well as well. And the change in the eating regimen has definitely made a difference in our waistlines.
  • Work: Well, tomorrow is the Project Manager's last day...definitely a case (as [ profile] stoooooooo put it) of "Addition by Subtraction". And we're in the middle of our re-accreditation (sp?). Plus our normal work. Busier than a one legged man in a ass kickin' contest, that's for sure.
  • What's happened since last we talked: Well, let me think. Got ready for 4 Fantasy football drafts, packed the games for TCEP 17, Cleaned, packed the car, watched The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, went to NJ, drafted one Fantasy football team, celebrated Dad's birthday (and F.'s 1/2 birthday), came back to MD, saw Great Big Sea, drafted a second Fantasy football team, started prepping materials for my two RPG's for TCEP 17...and here we are.
  • Ordered Castle Ravenloft Board Game; should hopefully be here in time for TCEP 17. Maybe play Friday night after dinner?
  • Starting to look at replacing the Trailblazer. In an ideal world, would replace with hybrid SUV, as [ profile] mousecat0 does a fair amount of driving for her job, and needs, at times, to haul largish and/or heavyish items to her buildings as well as be at them in bad weather. Hybrid to save gas $$$, SUV for everything else.
  • So, what do I need to do in the next few weeks?
    • Finish editing Marvel Super Heroes event for TCEP 17
    • Finish preparing Ghost Tow adventure for the 3rd Annual Gygax/Arneson Memorial Dungeon Crawl for TCEP 17
    • Make foldy name cards for both games
    • Get con bins sorted & repacked.
    • Pick up prize for Marvel Super Heroes event
    • Get bins over to storage
    • family photo on Saturday
    • get kids packed up for school
    • breathe
Think that's all I got for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes today a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
TCEP 17: 11 Days!
Intervention: 18 Days!
Anime USA: 81 Days!
For those who may be interested in my ongoing weight loss activities.

I just posted something to that filter. If you didn't see it, but think yo may be interested, let me know and I'll add you to the filter.

Have a frabjuous day!
Yeah, I've been meaning to try and post for a few days weeks now. Thing is, every time I was up for writing, I was either not near a computer or bogged down with work. When I had the time, I had no interest.

Hate that crap, I do.

Enough, I say. Time to put fingers to keyboard and get some of this crap rollin' about in my head out and down on e-paper. And, I think, time for a Bullet List of Doom (tm)!Cut for length and stuff )I think that's about it for now. I'm a-gonna see if I can crank out one or more of the posts alluded to above.

I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.
Once again, with the only host that hasn't sucked since Dennis Miller, [ profile] grayhawkfh!

How the hell are ya?

I'm actually doing better than I have in a bit.

But first, some administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] snipeyhead! She was a guest on Angry Mac Bastards a while ago, and I started following her on Twitter. Now, she has chosen to follow me on LJ as well! So welcome!. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
on with the boring weekend stuff )
Ok, I think that's all I have for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

Man, I know I've probably driven this point into the ground, but I do so love this time of year.

The temperatures are nice and cool. The fall and halloween decorations are going up.

[ profile] mousecat0 made an apple pie earlier this week.

Football is in full swing.

So, how ya doin'? Hopefully good.

Things have been a bit busy this week, but manageable.

But first, some administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] morlith, who found me through a friending frenzy a week or two ago. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
minor bullet list behind cut to spare your f-list )
I think that's about it for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
And remember that worrying about H1N1 will do more to shorten your lifespan than the actual flu will.

Hey, happy Friday Eve Day! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing reasonably well this morning. A little sleepy, but that's in large part because I haven't gone to sleep before 1 am either of the last two nights. Oh, it's all my own damn fault, so no sympathy requested or required, just explaining where I'm at.

So, how about a quick bullet list o' doom!

  • Administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] hopefulspirit & [ profile] ruaalien2 who found me through a friending frenzy held on [ profile] hopefulspirit's LJ. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Family: [ profile] mousecat0 is still trying to kick her cough. She's spending the next 4 work days at one of the buildings she manages overseeing some work being done. Words can't express how thrilled she is. Kids still enjoying school, but not homework. We're all a little disappointed by the turnaround in the forecasted weather for the weekend, but figure that it happened specifically because we canceled our plans. That's ok, because we have other...
  • Weekend plans: Friday night is F.'s first Cub Scout Pack Meeting, which is also a picnic being held at one of the local parks. Saturday, we'll do a bit of cleaning, then some shopping for fall/halloween decor and some other organizational stuff. On the way home, we'll get some pizza and then make a movie night out of it. Probably start with Jason and the Argonauts and go from there. Sunday, F & I are helping staff a table to recruit more cub scouts around 10:45 am, then we'll head up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football. Speaking of which...
  • Football: Ah yes, the season has started. And not one week into the season, and my beloved Philadelphia Eagles are already in a bind. Yeah, we beat the Carolina Panthers, but our franchise QB, Donovan McNabb, got hurt. And with Vick suspended for at least one more week, it's no wonder that the team signed Jeff Garcia. They had to. They needed someone to back up Kevin Kolb. Whatever. I don't have much hope that they will beat the New Orleans Saints, but we shall see. In other football news and thoughts:
    • I think that the loss of Brian Urlacher will have a bigger effect on the Chicago Bears defense than the loss of Troy Polamalu (doo doo dedoo doo) will on the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense.
    • Anyone who didn't see this coming from T.O., raise your hand. ::looks:: Yeah, that's what I thought. No hands.
    • Looking at the weeks games, I don't see many compelling ones:
      • Steelers at Bears: Good defense on both sides; expect this to be a defensive struggle
      • Raiders at Chiefs: This could decide who ends up last in the NFL
      • Vikings at Lions: How will rookie Matt Stafford do against an actual defense?
      • Patriots at Jets: Same thing, substitute Mark Sanchez for Stafford.
  • Gaming: Played some WoW over the last two nights. Some guild drama occurred in my absence. Otherwise, I still seem to be able to play my Retadin well.
  • It seems that an fair number of you want me to perform experiments on myself in the name of "Science". Fine. So be it. The orders for the Dungeons & Dragons Soda and the M:tG soda are placed. Anyone want to help with the testing?
  • X-Entertainment has begun their annual Halloween Countdown!!! Check it out for all kinds of Halloween Fun!
  • Speaking of Holidays, I'm starting to collect recipes that sound interesting for use with Thanksgiving dinner. I need to test them before then. Maybe I should do a bunch and invite people for tastings...
OK, I think that's all for now. I need to go change out backup tapes.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
Hi folks. How are ya.

Me, I've been busy.

So, let me drop this thing into the Bullet List of DOOM format
dropped behind the cut )
OK, I have things to do and people to beat. TTYL.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
TCEP 16: 2 Days!
Hey, y'all. How the hell are ya?

Time for another bullet list o' doom!
  • Administrivia: I must needs welcome the lovely [ profile] cassildra to these writings and ramblings of mine. Pull up a chair and set a spell! I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Still rockin' and rollin'. Went and took the test for a Technician level Amateur Radio License on Saturday - passed with a perfect score. My call sign is KB3TDX. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest checking out the information here. I plan on taking at least the General level exam in August, maybe the Extra as well.

    Side note to [ profile] ironkite: The Laurel VEC does all levels of exams at the Women's Club in Laurel on the 3rd Saturday of every month. No charge.
  • Family: Everyone still doing well. [ profile] mousecat0 finds more and more stuff every day that her predecessor either blew off or didn't want to deal with - which means that she now has to deal with old business that needed to be taken care of a while ago as well as the stuff she needs to do now. Joy. Kids enjoying the summer.
  • Weekend: This weekend was a bit busy. Spent Friday trying to deal with the prep work in order to sell the Mazda - which included trying to find documentation that I *swear* I had filed. Friday was also "International Day" at B's camp - they asked that people send in dishes representing their ethnicity. So, we got some pierogi (Potato & Cheese and Potato & Garlic) from The Kielbasa Factory which I cooked up and brought over to the camp while still warm. Saturday was the exam in the morning, then a Barking Mad meeting in the afternoon. [ profile] mousecat0 & B went up to MSD HQ for the monthly C&S game, while F stayed home with me. After the meeting, we went to Jerry's for sandwiches. Sunday was more relaxing, though we did get the holiday bins out of the downstairs storage unit and over to our other storage.
  • TCEP: Yes, TCEP 16 (Sept. 4-7) is a go! In fact, the early-bird pre-reg price of $30 for adults & $15 for youth (12-17) is still in effect, but only until July 31! It's the best 4 days of gaming and relaxation in the DC area! And yes, I will be running the 2nd annual Arenson/Gygax Memorial Dungeon Crawl! For more information on the con, see this post!!!
  • WoW: Not much to report on here. Didn't have a great group for Thursday's raid - missing a lot of regulars. As such, we weren't up to our normal damage dealing potential.
  • Next weekend: We go to see the Bowie Baysox take on the Reading Phillies on Saturday night. Our seats are second level, 4th row, right behind home plate. Plus Fireworks. Yay Fireworks.
  • Football: Less than a week until training camp opens. I'm already excited and more than ready to see my beloved Philadelphia Eagles take the field. This is our year. Time to bring another championship to Philly.

I think that's all I got for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

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TCEP 16: 46 Days!
Early bird pre-reg ends at the end of the month!
Good afternoon, dear friends. Welcome to the latest installation of my ramblings, wherein I set down some thoughts about where I am and what I will be doing in the near future, and perhaps about what I done did.

Or some crap like that.

First, need to get some administrivia out of the way: Welcome to [ profile] hai_kah_uhk & [ profile] shaharazad, two lovely people whom I met last weekend (details on this to follow). Pull up a chair and rest a bit. Hope I don't bore you! I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.

I think a bullet list is in order:
  • Me: Still doing well. Seem to be dropping more weight, as the pants seem to be looser and more prone to be affected by gravity.
  • Family: Also doing well. Kids enjoying summer camp. [ profile] mousecat0 still doing well with her job. The summer progresses... ;-)
  • Work: Did very well on my 90 day review, so I am no longer on my probationary period. Moved cubes earlier this week in an effort to insulate the engineering & sysadmin staff from the userbase.
  • Last weekend: The big event last weekend was the wedding of [ profile] pleasantlyevil and [ profile] deceptiverose. They were kind enough to invite the 4 of us to the wedding, and so on Friday, we drove to my parents house in NJ, where we spent the night. Got up the next morning, got ourselves together, and headed out to the site of the wedding. We made one stop en route to consult maps, as the directions we had from Google Maps became slightly confusing. (This is what prompted the question regarding GPS devices earlier this week) Got there just in time. Sat behind [ profile] servergirl and family. The hawaiian shirts the groomsmen were wearing were the same ones that we wore for [ profile] stoooooooo's first wedding - this brought a lump to my throat. The wedding went well, with the only issue being the wind not allowing the candles to be lit. The reception was a lot of fun as well, with the couple having the good sense to sit [ profile] blackpaladin & [ profile] cassildra at the same table us (which also then precludes inflicting us on the other guests), as well as [ profile] hai_kah_uhk & [ profile] shaharazad, two more good peoples cut from the same cloth. Yes I snarked and made ribald comments, and yes, I did get my traditional dance with the groom in. As they say, a good time was had by all.

    We stopped on the way back to my folks at a Stewarts for some root beer floats. Yum. Spent Sunday vegging out at my folks place, then headed home.
  • What's coming up: Taking my Technician's class Amateur Radio License test on Sat Morning. Got a Barking Mad Staph meeting on Saturday afternoon. [ profile] mousecat0 & B are, I believe, going to MSD HQ for the monthly game. Sunday will be some well deserved quiet time and cleaning. Next weekend will be a Baysox game.
  • Gaming: Finally got a copy of Carcassonne, or rather, the Big Box "2", in a package that came with the Tower and Catapult expansions as well. Looking forward to introducing the kids.
  • WoW: Well, I was invited to my first 25 man Ulduar raid last night. Despite my misgivings at possibly being undergeared, things seemed to go decently. Died more than I would have liked, but am still unsure how one of the deaths came about. Whatever. If they'll have me back tonight, I'll be happy to continue.

And, that, as they say, is that.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

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TCEP 16: 51 Days!
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So, how you folks doing, anyway?

Hope things are going well. Me, I've been trying to keep my head down and look busy at the new job these last few days. Problem is, working as a Federal contractor means that your first few days are essentially non-productive, as you don't have access to ANYTHING until the paperwork clears and you are granted the necessary admin rights. Hopefully, I will get my badge tomorrow and my full access tomorrow.

So, yeah, I'm done with the National Archives and Records Administration for now. I'm done with Dynamics Research Corporation (aka Don't Really Care). I'm done with Capstone Corporation. I'll miss some of the people I worked with, but not the bullshit.

Before I go any further, some administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] kiravaldinek, an old friend who probably has a LJ account just to keep tabs on a few of us.

minor rant here )

Anyway, spent last weekend in NJ. We were there for my niece's first birthday party. Unfortunately, this was also the final weekend for [ profile] mousecat0's Real Estate class, and she was to take 2 tests that day. The party was a blast; G. is growing up so fast. she loved the balloons and didn't want to give them up. Come to think of it, when she got cash in some of her cards, she didn't want to give that up either. Smart kid, no? I think she had fun though, including smashing her cupcake all over herself.

That night, [ profile] stoooooooo, [ profile] junkpc, and the LJ-less Mike K. came over to my folks house to play some games, while the ladies went elsewhere to watch Twilight. We played 2 rounds of 221B Baker Street (both of which I won) and one round of Phase 10 (won by [ profile] junkpc).

A good weekend.

A weekend made better by the fact that [ profile] mousecat0 passed both of her tests! WOOOOO! Now she needs to take one or two more tests. I'm not really sure. The whole thing confuses me. Ask her for details.

Kids are doing well. They're on spring break up through Monday. Not too much else to tell there.
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I'll probably have something later on Dave Arneson's passing. I'm having a hard time getting my head around it.

For now, that's all I've got.
So, here we are at Wednesday. Middle of the week. Hump day.

And here I am. And there you are.

The depth of my observations today is frightening, no?

So, I know it's been a while since a real update. I'm kinda pushing myself to write this one, because really, I just wanna curl up in a ball and go to sleep. And I don't have time for that crap.

So, let me start this off with some...

Administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] lacousteau, an old and dear friend from college who has consistently been one of the few people I respect and fear. It's that "Joisey/Lawng Ise-land" dynamic.

Me: I think I may have finally kicked the congestion that has been migrating between my sinuses and chest. ::knocks on wood:: Dealing with this since New Year's has been what can best be described as a royal pain in the ass. Simultaneously looking forward to and not looking forward to tomorrows interview with Capstone. On the one hand, I'll probably never have an easier interview to pass. But I still hate interviews. Always have, always will. It's an outgrowth of my self image/self esteem issues, I'm sure, and just one of those things that I deal with. Otherwise not doing badly.

Family: [ profile] mousecat0 is picking up temp work here and there, but nothing long term. There's still a potential for good news on the job front, and some few of you know about it. But until things become more solid, we aren't going into a whole lot o' detail. The kids are doing well with school, generally speaking. B.'s birthday is coming up soon, as is the Green & Gold dinner (note to self: When is it?) for her Scout troop. For her birthday, we're having a sleepover for some of her friends. My strategy? I'll be in the Dining room with the laptop and my headset half on playing WoW. I'm not gonna wanna listen to whatever unholy mish-mash of High School Musical\Jonas Brothers\Miley Cyrus\other-annoying-pseudo-Disney-crap-aimed-at-pre-teens that I'm sure will be infesting the dining room, but I can't bloody well leave them unsupervised, right? I mean, sure, [ profile] mousecat0 will be there as well, but I can't be totally oblivious.

Well, OK, I have been in the past. But I mean intentionally so.

F., if he's smart, will hide in his room while the girls are here. Lord above only know what they'll do to him. I am, however, allowing him to pick the toppings on one of the pizzas. Other than that, his big thing coming up is the Pinewood Derby race later in March. I still have my old Pinewood Derby car; we're going to start working on it soon.

Work: Nothing new here. Big thing for everyone right now is the Job fair tomorrow. #1 question being asked: Are you going on Thursday? My answer has been: Yes, unless I hit the lottery.

Stuff we've done/are doing: Well, A week or so ago I introduced the kids to the Reiner Knizia Lord of the Rings boardgame. It was their first time with a cooperative boardgame. I'm happy to say that we won, although it was fairly close. We all had a blast with it.

Introduced both kids to the joy that is watching The Blob. Although I love the movie, there's part of me that just wants to scream "Get some fruit cocktail, whipped cream, and spoons, you doofuses!"

Been catching up on Heroes on DVD, as well as periodic episodes of Supernatural.

American Idiot Idol has started again. Since I live with two people who love watching it, I can't really escape from it short of leaving the condo. So, I attempt to ignore it as much as possible while losing myself in World of Warcraft. But there's one thing I have noticed this year: For a show that is allegedly about singing/performing, there sure is a lot of time wasted on maudlin, melodramatic bullshit that has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with music. I had thought that this crapfest couldn't get worse. I was wrong.

This one goes behind a cut )
Future: Only major thing that I can think of that is coming up is our trip to NJ in a week and a half or so for a combination bowling/birthday party. Balticon may be day tripped if the money is there. O wait, there's a gaming con in Aberdeen, Game Con, in April that I may go to.

Sadly, no Origins this year. Such is life.

OK, time for me to wrap this up, do my timesheets, and make like a shepherd and get the flock outta here.

Remember, you woke up on the correct side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes it a good day.
Hi there.

I was a good boy and stayed away from teh intarwebs for the better part of the last two weeks, preferring to spend time with the family immersed in the holiday season.

Ergo, I missed some birfdays and probably some interesting and/or noteworthy posts.

I will catch up with as many of the former as possible as the day goes on. Any of the latter that you think I need to see, please let me know.

A recap of the holidays is also being worked on.

Expect a visit from Capt. Posty McPostalot today.
Good morning, all. Yeah, I know it's been a while since I done updated. That's the way life has been of late. I've either not had the time or the inclination to post overmuch. But, seeing as there's ~45 minutes left for this image to finish loading to the server, and I have a cup of instant oatmeal and a mug of coffee, I figure it's as good a time as any to update.
Today's bullet point list of doom is brought to you by the words lj-cut )
As always, I remind you that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that means it's a good day.


Well now. Welcome to Tuesday.

I trust you have all recovered sufficiently from the horrors of the beginning of the work week. I know I have, even though I put in 10 hrs yesterday, it was worth it, since I have to leave work early on Friday.

So. Here I am, and here you are, and I suppose I should get around to the update, eh? Because I'm fairly sure you don't want me to just babble on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...

::SLAP!:: Stopthat!


Anyway, on with the show! Once again, in convenient bullet point format!
  • Administrivia: Welcome to new readers [ profile] stevietee and [ profile] thesummerdiva! Pull up a chair, pour yerself a drink, and take a load off! Hope I don't bore you! If you want to know more, check out this post.
  • Me: Doing well, as usual. Not much stress, no major health issues. Yeah, I'm crossing me fingers and thanking the lucky stars.
  • The Family: Also doing well. [ profile] mousecat0 is still at the same temp job. Based on what the person she's replacing said, she'll be there for another 3-4 weeks. Then, time for the temp co to find another gig.
  • The weekend: Saturday morning, B. & I ran some errands, then the afternoon was spent putting the ceiling fan back up in the ceiling. That went very well. It won't be coming down anytime soon. The evening was spent with Freschetta "Pizza" and Heroes season one disc 1. Sunday we went up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football, food, and fun. Good weekend.
  • Work: Found out today that one of our DBAs has put in her notice. This moves me up to #11 on the longevity chart. On the plus side, one of the most intelligent and technically savvy men I have ever had the privilege to work with is coming back to the contract. Any chance to learn more from him is welcome.
  • Iggles vs. Steelers: While I am thrilled that my beloved Philly Eagles won, it was getting a little painful to watch towards the end. "Big Ben" is likely the "Big Bruise" after the pounding the Eagles Defense gave him. Hopefully, the coaching staff will be smart and rest Brian Westbrook this week - I'd rather have him rest and not play for one game than play and make it worse. Time to kick some Bears ass!
  • Holidaze: Turns out things are gonna be a little different this year. Apparently, my mother-in-law doesn't wanna spend Christmas out here. I can't say I blame her; for those who weren't around last year, my father-in-law died on Dec. 16, 2007. First Christmas without him, and he passed right before it. She's going out to California to spend the holiday with her twin. My plan/goal is to take off from Dec. 24 - Jan 4; I'll have the vacation time. We shall see what happens. And yes, we will be hosting the Annual New Years Eve/Day Open House. Details on that as the time draws nearer.
  • This weekend has me doing some minor plumbing work, possibly going to visit people Sat night, and most likely doing football at [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's on Sunday.
  • Finally got to watch the first two episodes of Fringe. Freakin' wow! I love it. [ profile] mousecat0 likes it - just a bit too icky in parts for her. Looking forward to this Tuesday night offering.
  • It will be mine!: Peanuts Holiday Collection (Deluxe Edition). As in, it should be there when I get home today. GLEE!

And that, ladies and gents, is that.

Remember, you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes it a good day.

Peas. Out.
In the wake of [ profile] dr_nebula's yearly friending frenzy, I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome [ profile] darkbay, [ profile] ember999, [ profile] libra_dragon, [ profile] popfiend, [ profile] shadowwolf13 & [ profile] tru2myart!

Pull up a chair, grab a drink of choice, and sit for a spell!

I recommend reading this post if you wanna know more about me: So, who is this Grayhawk fella anyway?

If I missed anyone who tagged me in the frenzy yesterday, I apologize. And speak up, dagnabbit! I wanna know who I may have missed!
Well, [ profile] figmentj just had a friending frenzy today, and so these silly thoughts of mine have two new readers. Welcome to [ profile] bluesgirly and [ profile] firesign10!

I hope I don't bore you too much!

And I would suggest, if I may, that you read this post if you want to know more about me...


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