Feb. 12th, 2006 12:55 pm
Hi there. Yeah, I know I haven't done anything resembling a real update in a while. I'll explain why in a bit. No, there's not any good reason. But bear withme, and all may be made clear. Then again, it may not. In either case, this is gonna be a bit rambly and longish, I suspect.
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Unfortunately not the Buffy "musical" episode... though now that you mention it... ::fires up RealPlayer::

There. Now that I have some music, I can try to recreate this long-assed post. With luck, it'll even make some sense.

So Saturday & Sunday were kinda cool. Got my car back on Saturday (more on that in a bit). Stayed home with the kids and watched a lot of Thundercats, as well as football and Teen Titans (which I will also comment on in a bit). Sunday was more football (best game of the playoffs was definitely between the Steelers & the Colts...amd yes, more on that later) and CoH. Monday & Tuesday found me sitting in my recliner wrapped in my blankets and sucking down hot tea, while periodically hacking up a lung. Yeah, *I* was having chills. To quote [livejournal.com profile] mousecat0: "You don't *get* cold!". Yeah. I was a miserable puppy. Plus I didn't sleep for crap on Monday night. Feeling better today, and off to work I went...

So here's a few of the thoughts and things that went through my fever-and-NyQuil-addled brain over the last few days.

--Me poor car: The fuel pump and line needed to be replaced. This killed the reserves and then some. But it's done, and back home. Grrr.

--The kids: Are doing generally well. Frankie, unfortunately, has had a deep, hacking cough for about a week now, and when OTC meds didn't seem to be helping after the weekend, we got him in to see the pediatrician on Monday. It turns out that he was in the beginning stages of strep throat & and ear infection. So antibiotics were prescribed and we were told to keep going with the OTC meds. He seems to be doing better, so perhaps the combination of meds is helping. Bridget, fortunately, seems to be dodging this bullet, and is enjoying The Magician's Nephew. She's also having fun selling Girl Scout cookies. At present, we're having her sell to family only, to get her used to the idea of selling.

--Last weekend's playoff games: There's actually only one that really requires mention: Steelers vs. Colts. At the end of the game, I had three thoughts: 1: Pittsburgh fans can finally breathe. 2: That *was* an interception; the ref made the call that ensured that he wouldn't get lynched as he was leaving the stadium. 3: While Bettis could have been a little lower, the amount of blame that the TV crew was heaping on him was ridiculous. That hit by the Colts defensive player was a *textbook perfect* shot! It was everything that you're told to do.

--Teen Titans: Yet another great metastory, and the ending rocked my socks. I just find myself slightly frustrated that it went so quickly. There were no...breaks in the storyline. No one shot episodes. But we were also introduced to a crapload of new Titans, including Kid Flash & Jericho (who was used very well, IMNSHO). And I wish I could have seen to look on Dr. Light's face, because Raven was right, he was so going to freak... Want more!!!

--City of Heroes: I find myself slightly frustrated by the game at the moment. It's not CoH in particular, it's a shortcoming I suspect is present in most MMORPG's. Specifically, the inability to interact with the background in a meanigful manner.
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All of which means, I suppose, that I need to get into another RPG campaign...

Speaking of gaming, it looks like I'll be going to Origins again this year. The Event staff has simplified the way in which volunteers are compensated, which is good. And essentially, it means that I'll have my room covered. Once I can confirm my events with GAMA, I'll post my schedule. I'm only going to demo for SJGames this year - working for two companies was too much for me last year. Worry not, Rabbits, I'll stop by for a while to hang out.

Finally, I'd like to briefly revisit a topic I wrote on last year; namely, the fact that I can't stand this area. I recently finished If Football's a Religion, Why Don't We Have a Prayer? : Philadelphia, Its Faithful, and the Eternal Quest for Sports Salvation by Jere Longman. In it, he mentions that Philly (and it's surrounding environs) is essentially a blue collar city, despite the fact that it's a major city on the east coast. The people in Philly work hard, play hard, and expect the same from their teams. Pretensiousness and BS aren't tolerated. If they llike you, they'll tell you so. If they don't, they'll let you know that in no uncertain terms. If you give as good as you get, you earn respect. This is where I grew up, in the extended suburbs of what is essentially a midwestern city that happens to be located on the coast.

Where do I live? A dozen miles from the world capitol of BS, pretensiousness, and deceit. Everything around here feels fake. That there's nothing of substance beneath the polished veneer. Is it any wonder that I can't stand it?

The hour is late. It's been over an hour since I started this post. I need my beauty sleep. Hope I didn't bore you.

Peas. Out.
OK, see, now that can bring a guy down. Having his LJ entry disappear before his eyes because his big-assed fingers are too big for the keyboard. Meh. So what. It's not like I'm doing anything else at the moment. Let's start over, shall we?

Hey there! It's been a few days since I've said anything, so I figured it was time to give an update on how things are at the GrayMouse Inn. Besides, this thrice-bedamned, demon-infested black box of perfidity (know to most folks as a phone) has been silent this afternoon (and I didn't even take it off the hook!) and I've finished reading through the BOFH archives, and I've got...53 minutes to kill.

First things first: For those who don't read her LJ, [livejournal.com profile] mousecat0's dad is out of the hospital and is more-or-less home. Which translates to the fact that he's in the nursing unit of the assisted living community they live in. Good to see that they finally got the port to stop bleeding; must have finally stuffed enough TP around it. I'd have used gaff tape, but then I'm also of the belief that there are few problems that cannot be solved by the suitable application of gaff tape.

Bridget seems to be bouncing back from her cold, and Frankie seems to be avoiding it so far. This is good. Makes me happy.

Preparations (and invitations & replies) for the New Year's Eve/Day open house proceed apace! Remember, if you're reading this, you're welcome to come by. Drop a line if information is needed!

Spent Monday night finishing up the Christmas cards. Felt strange to not be baking, but I got over that quickly enough. Last night, I took off. With [livejournal.com profile] mousecat0's blessing. The only holiday thing I did last night was rescue the holiday presents for the less fortunate children of Paragon City. Yeah, I played CoH. Kicked some ass, too. Tonight & tomorrow night, I'll be wrapping gifts. And tomorrow night, I should even have some good viewing too, courtesy of NetFlix. Two of my three requested versions of "A Christmas Carol" should be here tomorrow: the 1951 version with Alastair Sim, & the 1984 version with George C. Scott. The third version I have on order is the 1999 version with Patrick Stewart. GLEE!!!

Spaking of Scrooge, there's part of me that want's to rail against the assholes & jerks that are constantly trying to bring the rest of us down to their no-fun, consumerish, boring level. You know who I mean: These grouches and killjoys who get mortally offended if you offer a holiday greeting that is not specific for the one *they* celebrate. But I can't. I can't do it. I'm too full of the holiday spirit! (as opposed to being full of "holiday spirits", but I digress) I'm a happy man. I can't wait to see the kids on Christmas morning. I'm walking the halls at work singing selections from the Andy Williams Christmas album. And I do not care what people may think.

And maybe that's what we need right now. A little more holiday spirit, and a little less worrying about what to call it. Celebrate. Enjoy. Care. Love.

Peace. Out.
Been playing on CoH more than usual over the last few days. I've created another new character...name of T I double-G Rrrr.

Yah, I was bored. But if you see a leaping tiger-colored hero in Paragon City, it could me me...

Also have played a bunch with Irish Giant. My fun on Monday was the participation in fighting not one but *TWO* Giant Octopi in Independence Port. WOO! Devilfish badge! Them things is tough too, it took the combiined power of ~20 heros to bring it down...and I was one of the only tankers. Lowest level one too (L 23 at the time). Am now L24, and was finally able to take the Root power, so now I don't get knocked down, put to sleep, etc.

OK, now that I've bored you enough with that crap, back to my work...


Oct. 16th, 2005 09:21 pm
Well, that's the way I feel at the moment. For reasons unclear to me at the moment, my back is chewing on me ever so lightly, with the occasional chomp as if to say "Hey you fat bastard, I'm still here! Pay attention to meeeeeeee!!!"

'sokay. I'll take some meds before bed and be okay.

So, it's been a while since I've updated for real. A friend of mine, JunkPC (not his real name, obviously, but neither does he have a LJ), commented that work must be keeping me busy, since I haven't updated as much as I used to.

Well, not entirely true. I'm...busy in a different way than I was at GXS. There, I was in front of a computer for 7-8 hours or more during the day. Didn't move much, and I could post to my LJ and help clients at the same time. Now that I'm at the National Archives, I'm deskside support, which means that I'm running all over the building. My day kinda runs like this:

  • Up no later than 0700 hrs.
  • Out no later than 0830 hrs.
  • At work by 0930 hrs.
  • Off work somewhere around 1800 hrs.
  • Home between 1830 & 1900 hrs.
  • Kids in bed between 2000 & 2030 hrs.
  • Dishes, minor cleaning, email checks Until Mon home between 2145 & 2230.
  • Bed by 2330.

Not a lot of time for me to do much else, so it has to happen on the weekends. Like, say, now. :-)

By the way, here's the link to my facility: http://www.archives.gov/dc-metro/college-park/index.html

So, what's going on around these parts? Not too much. Had the sink backing up in the kitchen yesterday (sound familiar [livejournal.com profile] linxie1?). People from upstairs ran water, we got crap in the sink. One call to the facility later, and they had someone out to fix the problem. It did, however, interrupt our family game of Dungeon. 'sokay though, Frankie was about to win that. Again.

Played a fair amount of City of Heroes over the weekend. Irish is now up to L20. And just started adventuring on Talos Island. Holy crap, there's some nasty folks out there. At least, for me there are.

What else? Oh yeah, we'll be doing Thanksgiving dinner here this year, since I'm not sure if I have to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving and [livejournal.com profile] mousecat0 will definitely have to work that weekend. There will be a few people invited that we know are near to us, dear to us, and may or may not be able to go to visit other family for the holiday. My family has always had a place for friends at the table, ours is no different. So, we've worked up the menu so we can start getting some of the stuff now. Some of the stuff, of course, we can't get until the time gets closer.

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] mousecat0, she's starting to get the responsibilities that they promised. Not so much as was initially feared, but enough to keep her busy and reasonably content with them. She continues to see her doctor, and I have to say that it seems to be helping. She's also been participating in a few writing groups writing fanfic set in the world created by Sherrilyn Kenyon (and I probably butchered that name). It's essentially horror/supernaturallly themed romance. And I get to play editor. Woo!

Ain't no one should take me wrong If she wants to write, I am ALL FOR IT! And I am happy to edit.

Kids are doing well. They love school still, and Bridget, to no one's surprise, is a great reader. They'll probably reprise their roles as Hawkgirl & Robin for Halloween. People seem to not like (or be overly amused by) my idea for Mon & I for Hallowe'en: She goes as Jack Skellington & I go as Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas). I don't get it...

The political cartoons ads for Virginia governor have started. Can't we round the lot of them up like rabid squirrels and shoot the lot of them? Maybe get some new blood in the political ethics meat grinder?

To those of you who are going to participate in NaNoWriMo, Rock on! You *so* rule. But I ain't doing it. Have fun.

Ok, that's all I can handle writing for now. TTYL.
We are silly levels of busy here at work today. Probably has something to do with the fact that half of the analysts are out this morning. I suspect we'll have to get used to this, since the closer it gets to December 31 (and the end of the contract) the more people will be going on interviews.


CoH Update! The Irish Giant has reached 14th level, and now has the power to teleport himself! WOOT! Also worked myself out from under a 3000+ XP debt (thanks in large part to the idiots on the 2nd & 3rd attempts at the Positron TF the other night...).

In other news, I've had a craving lately for some good pierogi. Don't know where (or if) I can get them locally. It's the Polish in me, what can I say...

OK, back to the salt mines. My boss is such a slavedriver... :-)

I've teamed up with several groups so far.  It always seems, though, that I keep getting invites to join a team when I'm in the middle of a mission or several city sections away.

Oh well.

Had a very successful team up with Frozen Broccoli (aka [livejournal.com profile] byronczimmer ) the other night. 

I'm enjoying it so far.  Still not 100% sure I'm going to keep with it...but I probably will.

Next goal with the Giant:  Reach lvl 14 so I can get my Teleportation power...

I've also created a new character on the same server (Justice):  The Pynk Princess.  As you might guess, my daughter had a very large hand in creating her. 
Actually, it's a very good thing.  I've been looking forward to it for quite awhile now.

Bridget will be spending the better part of the weekend with her Uncle [livejournal.com profile] stoooooooo and Aunt D.  Hopefully, she won't wear them out too badly.

I've been enjoying City of Heroes so far, but to date, it seems that [livejournal.com profile] visgoth has made an accurate assesment that it is more of a MMOFPS than a MMORPG.  Not sure that's what I want.  By the same token, I haven't been on for even a week yet.  I'll give it a bit more time.

Shame Star Wars Galaxies doesn't do a free trial thingie...If I signed on there, that would make several people who read this real happy...

Lessee...what else. 

Updating my resume has reminded me of how much I hate job hunting.  Yeah, it's necessary, but dammit, I hate the whole "selling myself" thing.  (shaddup you wiseasses)  Still, it's necessary, and I like the way the resume handles at the moment. 

Ahhhh...fsck it.

Meanwhile, back at the current job, the aptly named cave troll that sits in front of me continues to annoy.  The arrogance is back, and he's working up to a BOfH-level LART from me.  Arrogance mixed with stupidity and an attitude when he's told to do his job properly...all good ways to bring out El Diablo.

A side note to [livejournal.com profile] linxie1 :  There is no one here or that calls here that I service...

Administrivia:  welcome to [livejournal.com profile] ctrlalttabby as a reader of the madness that I write. 

And now, mah fwiends, it's time for me to get ready for the n00bz.  Y'know, they're the ones I really felt bad for on Tuesday, after the meeeting.  Think about it:  your contracting company says "Hey, got a 2 year contract for ya!" and not even 2 weeks in, you're told its' only for another 5.5 months.

OK, really, must go now.

Peas.  Out.


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