So, it's been farrrrr too long since I've done any update of substance.

So here we go. Get some coffee (or beverage of choice) and get comfy.
  • Administrivia: Please give a warm welcome to the three newest readers of this little slice of insanity: [ profile] magsmom, [ profile] _luaineach, and [ profile] onezumi. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Doing well. I'm in good spirits. Hallowe'en is done, and the planning and prepping for Thanksgiving begins in earnest. I'm feelin' good and looking...well, like myself. Which is to say that I'd lose to Godzilla in a beauty contest, but hey, that's normal, so it's all good. In early to work this AM since the kids are off from school (Teachers Professional Day) and I can drop F off at his after-school care as early as 0700. I'll use the time towards my day off for AnimeUSA later in the month.
  • I probably don't need to say this to y'all, but it bears repeating: Please, tomorrow, go out and vote. Thank you.
  • Family: Well, everyone is doing pretty well. The kids are on a bit of a sugar high (Duh!) and are enjoying the long weekend. [ profile] mousecat0 & B are gearing up for NaNoWriMo; I'm staying out of the way. F was dealing with some sorta low-end stomach bug about half the weekend. No barfing, just stinky gas, gas pains, mild nausea, and the runs.
  • NaNoWriMo: To everyone who is participating, good luck to you.
  • Work: We seem to have passed the first milestone. Now for the next big one. After that, things calm down a bit. We hope.
  • What we've been doing: Well, lessee, it's been over a month since last update. EEP! OK, by week then:
    • Sept 27 - Oct 3: Cleaned up from painting the Living room. Went to MD Renaissance Faire. Went to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football and to celebrate [ profile] luvmomh's birthday. [ profile] mousecat0 made an awesome tiramisu for the shindig.
    • Oct 4 - 10: My car wouldn't start after getting cup of coffee (connection to starter motor was bad). Total was ~$130. Touched up paint in LR. Replaced trim around front door (had to do the whole thing because I couldn't find matching trim). Cleaned front of condo. Brought Halloween decorations out of storage.
    • Oct 11 - 17: Enjoyed day off on the 11th. Car needed jumpstart at work on the 15th. Bought battery for my car and tires for [ profile] mousecat0's car. Decorated front of condo.
    • Oct 18 - 24: Not much other than take long weekend to go to NJ to visit lighthouses (which will get it's own post).
    • Oct 25 - 31: Watched horror movies. Had car starter die on me. Had starter replaced. Took F. Christmas List shopping. Gave out candy.
  • Gaming: Not too much, not even WoW. I logged on a few times to try for the Headless Horseman's mount, but never got it.
  • What's coming up: Well, lessee, this week, we're going out to dinner on Thursday to celebrate the birthday of [ profile] mousecat0 and her sister, then grocery shopping on Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner (the menu for which gets it's own post). Also need to defrost the freezer and rearrange and clean out the fridge. Lots of food coming in. Need space. The following weekend is AnimeUSA, which, while we are attending, we will no longer be staying at the hotel (see auto repairs above). If we can get and keep things cleaned up, then one or more of us may go up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
  • Horror flicks: My son F. doesn't care for them, neither does [ profile] mousecat0. My daughter B & I watched several over the last few days, most of which she hasn't seen before. I had the joy of introducing her to:She seemed to enjoy them, and jumped at the end of Carrie. Like I still do. And I've probably seen it two dozen times.
I think that's all I've got for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes today a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
Anime USA: 11 Days!
So, here it is, another Wednesday.

I can't help but somehow feel I lost a day or two somewhere along the way.

Meh. Whatever. Here we all are once again, and hey! It's good to see you!

So, what have I been up to? Well, short answer is that it's that most colorful time of the year: Time to paint the condo. Doing some painting in the fall is sort of a tradition I picked up from my dad, who for many years took the entire week of Thanksgiving off to paint one or more of the rooms of the house. Now, last year we didn't do any painting for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was that we were still adjusting to the "2 adults working full time" schedule, and the year before, there was the possibility that we were going to move, and would be painting the entire condo in the spring.

So, last weekend was spent doing some touchup and finishing work in the hall, and then painting the accent wall in the LR. Since then, we've been doing the "shuffle stuff around" dance, getting things out of the LR and into other areas. We are probably about 60% done, I think, with 3 nights to go. Still have to do some drywall patching, but that won't happen tonight. Wanna try to get the majority of the rest of the non-furniture stuff out tonight.

HOWEVER, what this also means is that the computer rack is coming down at home, which means that we will be off the grid until sometime on Sunday. Minimal net access from Friday night until I get stuff back up.

Otherwise, life proceeds apace. A little tired today; not sure why.

OK, almost time to boogie. Talk to y'all later.
Yeah, I lost track again. Go me. :rolls eyes:

To be fair, I have been busy since last I wrote here. Like, wrote for real.

How busy? Well, I'll detail that...
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So, haven't updated in a while, I know. I really would like to get back to posting on a regular basis. Just need to get off my ennui-riddled ass and type.

So. Hi there. How the hell are ya?

Not gonna go into exhaustive detail of the last few weeks. That'll bore the snot outta ya. Instead, I'll just go for the Bullet List Of Doom (tm)!
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That's all I have for now, mah fwiends!

I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.
Short version: We're alive, we're ok, we're dug out, we're sore.
Long(er) version behind cut )
That's the way it is for now, kids.

I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.

Peas. Out.
So, once upon a time, we had a storm door on the front entrance to the condo. We ended up taking it down during the unpleasantness of 2005 because the bottom aluminum panel had come loose, and there was no real way to put it back in place. I mean, I had gaff taped it in place so that no one would get hurt, but we did not believe that it would pass inspection. So, down it came. We bought a new one shortly thereafter, but I had measured incorrectly or something (Dude! It was *4* *Years* *Ago!* You're lucky I remember it happened), so we took it back. Since then, we haven't had a storm door. I'm actually a little surprised that the condo association hasn't said something.

Well, regardless, we decided that it was high time that we replaced the door. We like to be able to open the door and let air in, just not the local flora and fauna, so to speak. We especially like to have it open when the oven is running full bore for several hours. So, I took careful measurements at several points along the door frame and we headed off to Home Despot to buy the door.

Now, I normally avoid Home Despot like a slug avoids a salt lick. My reasons for this are personal, and I do not wish to rehash this topic. However, I was unable to find any storm doors of the sort we were looking for ont he Lowe's website, adn I was on the Home Despot site. Which is odd, since normally, I can find things easily on the Lowe's site.

But I digress.

We found the door we were looking for, as well as some ratchet straps, paid for everything and left. Once home, I unboxed the door, verified that all the parts were there, and went inside for lunch. I took the instructions with me so I could review them while munching on the mos excellent grilled cheese sammitches that [ profile] mousecat0 made. Looked simple enough!

Oh, how wrong I was.

See, I made a few silly assumptions. The first and greatest of which was that when the door said it was 36" x 80", that it would actually *be* 36" x 80". Not so. And I first realized this when I went to fit the side of the doorframe to see where the screw holes would be and found that the storm door frame was ~1.5 inches shorter than the doorframe. After various amounts of measuring, brainstorming, and planning, it seemed like the best plan of action would be to build out the top of the doorframe sufficiently for the door to close the gap. This, of course, would require a second trip to the store. So, off I went to Lowe's to get the lumber and some Liquid Nails. This was accomplished reasonably quickly.

However, assumption #2 rose up and bit me in the ass: that I had screws long enough. This would prove to be incorrect. And was only realized when I got home.

::cue wailing and gnashing of teeth::

Went out again, this time to a smaller local place (Strosniders). Got the screws I needed, as well as some paint, and headed home. Cut and installed the lumber. Painted it. Got out [ profile] mousecat0's Dremel and cut the frame sides to fit the new space. By this time, it was 1800 hrs, dark outside, and I had had enough for the day.

After brunch on Sunday, I started installing the door. Top section of the door frame went in fine. Attached the hinges to the door fine. Hinge side of the door frame went in with minimal difficulty. I closed the door to see how it fit...

Remember the above assumption about the dimensions of the door? Yeah, here comes the second bite in the ass. There was a gap of approximately .75 - 1 inch.

Oh ^$#&(&%%#@@^&$*&%##@%

Back in the car. Tried to get the necessary lumber at Home Despot. Nope. They were frickin' useless. No shims, no 1/2" anything. Shoulda known better. Should have gone straight to Lowe's. Which was the next stop. And which was where I found the necessary lumber.

Back home. Cut the lumber. I knew I had the screws (checked before I left). Finished installing the door. Works almost perfectly. It's a little tight at the bottom, I'll need to adjust that sometime. Right now,




It's up. It's in. It's DONE. It works.

I'm sure [ profile] ironkite probably has some good reason to offer as to why the damn door wasn't the advertised dimensions. Or maybe someone else does.

So, what lessons have we learned today?
  • Home Despot can continue to eat a bag of dicks.
  • Assumptions continue to make an "ass" out of "you" and "umption"
  • I may not be the worlds greatest repairman, or ready to go pro on construction work, but I still got it.
  • There is no such thing as a "Murphy-free" project.

I have to give props here to my kids. F & B were very helpful during this. Not just because they could hold things or hand them to me, but also because they help me limit my cursing... ;-)
No, I'm not going to continue the lolspeak. I don't have a titanium spork to carve my eyes out.

So, Hi. Been a while.

Not much. How 'bout you? Really not sure why I call...

*slap* stopthat!

What, me? In a wierd headspace? Couldn't be.

So, yeah, I know I haven't written. Every time I tried, the words just wouldn't flow.

OK, time for a BULLET LIST OF DOOM (tm)
But I'll be nice and put it behind a cut )
Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

Man, I know I've probably driven this point into the ground, but I do so love this time of year.

The temperatures are nice and cool. The fall and halloween decorations are going up.

[ profile] mousecat0 made an apple pie earlier this week.

Football is in full swing.

So, how ya doin'? Hopefully good.

Things have been a bit busy this week, but manageable.

But first, some administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] morlith, who found me through a friending frenzy a week or two ago. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
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I think that's about it for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
More randomosity in titling...

For a brief terrifying second, I considered trying to do this post in LOLCat, then realized that before I got halfway through the first paragraph I'd probably be trying to gouge out my brainstem with a titanium spork. You have been spared...

So, hey, how are ya?

Me, I'm not doin' badly. I'm a bit tired, but that's more because I got up earlier than normal to get here early today. So, this might get long, but I'm a bit pressed for time, so a Bullet-List-O'-Doom is going behind the cut.
Yes, this cut right here )
However, I wanted to take a moment to talk aboutAngel Food Ministries. Especially since there are a number of people who read this who are, for whatever reason, not in the best financial shape right now. Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing food relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. The program began in 1994 with 34 families in Monroe, Georgia (between Atlanta and Athens), and has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of families every month across 35 states.

There are no qualifications, minimums, income restrictions, or applications. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

The base package is $30. Here's the October 2009 menu:
  • 1.5 lb. New York Strips Steaks (3 x 8 oz.)
  • 1 lb. Steak Fajita Strips
  • 2 lb. Chicken Stir Fry Skillet Meal
  • 1 lb. Lean Ground Beef
  • 1.5 lb. Breaded White Meat Chicken Tenders
  • 1 lb. avg. Center Cut Ham Steaks (Hickory Smoked)
  • 1 lb. Bake or Fry Fish Sticks (32 sticks)
  • 1 lb. Pasta
  • 25 oz. Marinara Sauce
  • 1 lb. Frozen Baby Lima Beans
  • 1 lb. Frozen Mixed Vegetables
  • 2 lb. bag Fresh Apples (8-10 ct.)
  • 10 ct. Flour Tortilla Wraps
  • 32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk
  • Dozen Eggs
  • Dessert

The food is good stuff; plus, they have additional specials which can be ordered as well. We've been participating for over a year. We don't get preached at. We don't get looked down on. It's a good way to help make ends meet. Go to the website and check it out.

Hm. I guess that wasn't as long as I was expecting.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
And remember that worrying about H1N1 will do more to shorten your lifespan than the actual flu will.

Hey, happy Friday Eve Day! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing reasonably well this morning. A little sleepy, but that's in large part because I haven't gone to sleep before 1 am either of the last two nights. Oh, it's all my own damn fault, so no sympathy requested or required, just explaining where I'm at.

So, how about a quick bullet list o' doom!

  • Administrivia: Welcome to [ profile] hopefulspirit & [ profile] ruaalien2 who found me through a friending frenzy held on [ profile] hopefulspirit's LJ. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Family: [ profile] mousecat0 is still trying to kick her cough. She's spending the next 4 work days at one of the buildings she manages overseeing some work being done. Words can't express how thrilled she is. Kids still enjoying school, but not homework. We're all a little disappointed by the turnaround in the forecasted weather for the weekend, but figure that it happened specifically because we canceled our plans. That's ok, because we have other...
  • Weekend plans: Friday night is F.'s first Cub Scout Pack Meeting, which is also a picnic being held at one of the local parks. Saturday, we'll do a bit of cleaning, then some shopping for fall/halloween decor and some other organizational stuff. On the way home, we'll get some pizza and then make a movie night out of it. Probably start with Jason and the Argonauts and go from there. Sunday, F & I are helping staff a table to recruit more cub scouts around 10:45 am, then we'll head up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football. Speaking of which...
  • Football: Ah yes, the season has started. And not one week into the season, and my beloved Philadelphia Eagles are already in a bind. Yeah, we beat the Carolina Panthers, but our franchise QB, Donovan McNabb, got hurt. And with Vick suspended for at least one more week, it's no wonder that the team signed Jeff Garcia. They had to. They needed someone to back up Kevin Kolb. Whatever. I don't have much hope that they will beat the New Orleans Saints, but we shall see. In other football news and thoughts:
    • I think that the loss of Brian Urlacher will have a bigger effect on the Chicago Bears defense than the loss of Troy Polamalu (doo doo dedoo doo) will on the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense.
    • Anyone who didn't see this coming from T.O., raise your hand. ::looks:: Yeah, that's what I thought. No hands.
    • Looking at the weeks games, I don't see many compelling ones:
      • Steelers at Bears: Good defense on both sides; expect this to be a defensive struggle
      • Raiders at Chiefs: This could decide who ends up last in the NFL
      • Vikings at Lions: How will rookie Matt Stafford do against an actual defense?
      • Patriots at Jets: Same thing, substitute Mark Sanchez for Stafford.
  • Gaming: Played some WoW over the last two nights. Some guild drama occurred in my absence. Otherwise, I still seem to be able to play my Retadin well.
  • It seems that an fair number of you want me to perform experiments on myself in the name of "Science". Fine. So be it. The orders for the Dungeons & Dragons Soda and the M:tG soda are placed. Anyone want to help with the testing?
  • X-Entertainment has begun their annual Halloween Countdown!!! Check it out for all kinds of Halloween Fun!
  • Speaking of Holidays, I'm starting to collect recipes that sound interesting for use with Thanksgiving dinner. I need to test them before then. Maybe I should do a bunch and invite people for tastings...
OK, I think that's all for now. I need to go change out backup tapes.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
Oh yes, boys and girls, it's Monday. Not sure how that happened, myself. Feels like only yesterday it was Friday...

So, well, hi there. Hope you're doing well. As for me, I'm doing all right. No unusual amount of stupidity at work. Just trying to get caught up and stay abreast of things.

The weekend was both good and productive. Kinda just vegged out on Friday night, not doing much of anything. [ profile] mousecat0 & I spent Saturday cleaning the living hell out of the kitchen (with help from both kids), sitting watch over F. to make sure he cleaned *his* room, and putting away/reorganizing games in the wake of TCEP. Sunday, [ profile] mousecat0 had to be at one of the properties she manages at 0700 to oversee the parking lot being repainted. Between that and her attempting to kick the con crud (as was F), they stayed home while B & I went to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for the opening weekend of the NFL. This was, as usual, a lot of fun, with lots of great food and better company.

We had been planning on trying to do the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge this weekend, but we decided to call it off for two reasons. The first is the weather: as things stood this morning, The Weather Channel was calling for rain in various amounts from Wednesday through Tuesday. At least one of the lighthouses is ~1 mile from the parking area. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be an issue, but it kinda ties in with reason #2: Two people who may either be sick this weekend or just over it - and dragging them around the Chesapeake in the rain is not conducive to them *staying* well. So, we'll try again next year. Besides, we're still going to try to make the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge in October.

Besides, since [ profile] mousecat0 has already taken the day off, we're going to have the two-valve faucet system in the bathroom replaced with a single-valve system on Friday. We wanted to do that anyway, and this is our chance to do it sooner rather than later.

Also realized this weekend that the oven is in need of repair. It doesn't light consistently, and we've now had several incidents where the oven has gotten up to temp and then decided to drop to 200 deg., then come back up. This makes cooking...difficult. So, that appointment is set up as well.

Homes and cars. They always seem to know when you have $$$, don't they.

Also going to try and make the Maryland Renaissance Festival sometime in October. Kids had a blast last year, and want to go back. And I usually have fun, myself.

Not much else going on in this neck of the woods right now. Things are quiet and will hopefully stay that way for the foreseeable future.

I'll talk at y'all later.
Hi folks. How are ya.

Me, I've been busy.

So, let me drop this thing into the Bullet List of DOOM format
dropped behind the cut )
OK, I have things to do and people to beat. TTYL.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
TCEP 16: 2 Days!
Top o' the morning to y'all!

Well, here we are at the beginning of the work week again. Just where we don't wanna be.

Or, maybe we *do* want to be there. The not so pleasant.


Hey, how ya doin? Let's try for a quick convenient bullet point format!
  • Me: Doing pretty well, actually. Spent wayyyy too much time in the car yesterday. DE was a parking lot. Looking forward to the short workweek.
  • Family: Also doing well. Kids start camp today. [ profile] mousecat0 finishes her "Engineering and Management" course tonight. Spending part of the week figuring out which bins are going into storage, part of it cleaning.
  • What we've been doing: Well, the short version is that a week ago last Wednesday, the kids went to NJ to stay with my folks. We visited the weekend before last, then again this weekend. The longer version is...
    • Wed: Met folks at Maryland House on I-95 to exchange kids. Got drivers license renewed. Rented storage space. Hit Barnes & Noble for Fantasy football mags, Coraline, Lankhmar Book 1: Swords And Deviltry, & Lankhmar Book 2: Swords Against Death. Met [ profile] mousecat0 at Panera and showed her the storage space. Had dinner and relaxed.
    • Thursday: Worked. Played some WoW. Rested.
    • Friday: Drove up to NJ.
    • Saturday: Hung out. [ profile] mousecat0, Mom, and the kids went out shopping. Cheesesteaks for dinner. Took the kids out for ice cream.
    • Sunday: Hung out. Played Father's Day. Gave Dad more Eagles grill stuff. Got Godzilla movies, Hellboy 2, and Ghostbusters for the Wii. Headed for home.
    • Monday: See Thursday.
    • Tuesday: Car died. Much cursing and grumpiness.
    • Wednesday - Friday: See Monday
    • Saturday: Picked up Angel Food order. Drove back to NJ.
    • Sunday: Drove home.
  • What's coming up: Gotta get things ready for the Independence Day Suburban Charred Meat Festival. Then gotta get ready for the wedding of [ profile] pleasantlyevil & [ profile] deceptiverose the next weekend. The weekend after that is the last big meeting for TCEP 16: Craig & Tad Against the World Crime League. *whew*
  • WOW notes: I have most of the accomplishments completed for the Midsummer event. Need to still do the juggling one and the ice lord one. Continuing to join Naxx25 raids - getting about 1 upgrade a week. Got Grim Toll this last week. This brings me to just under 2000 gear rating on WoW Heroes. Still no Tier 7.5 gear, but working on it.
  • Future plans. We're almost definitely going to do the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge in September and are seriously considering doing the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge in October. The idea behind each is that you visit a number of the lighthouses along in each state over a given weekend. You can visit as few or as many of the participating lighthouses as you want. We're kinda looking forward to it.

That's about it for now. One or two more posts to follow, though.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
TCEP 16: 67 Days!
Oh really? Anyone look outside?

OK, at least here in the DC Fedro-splat, it's cold, gray and rainy. Yuk.

And it's affecting my mood. I'm not happy bouncy Grayhawk.

Or maybe because it's Monday.

Oh what-the-hell-ever.

So, spent Friday night curled up on the couch with [ profile] mousecat0 watching Quantum of Solace. A very good way to spend the evening.
Thoughts of Q0S )
Early Saturday, [ profile] mousecat0 was picked up by her mother and they went off for the wedding. The kids and I started off with some breakfast, then cleared off the computer rack so it could be replaced, then watched Next Avengers and Iron Man. As dinnertime rolled around, we took B. over to Chili's for a birthday party for one of her friends.

Now, my plan was to leave B. at the party, and then F. & I would get a table elsewhere in the restaurant and have dinner. I figured if we took our time, we could just hang around for a little bit and get B. at the end of the party. I soon realized that this wasn't gonna happen as they still hadn't seated the party by the time I was finishing my entree. So, F. & I got in the car and went in search of dessert. OUr first choice was thwarted by the fact that the place had closed. Plan B was denied to us because there was no parking to be found. We finally found a Baskin Robbins, where we delved into some frozen goodness, then collected B and headed for home.

Saturday night, I watched Constantine and The Fly (1958), both of which I had recorded on DVR back around Hallowe'en.

Yeah, so I'm a bit behind on some of my DVR viewing. So sue me.

Anyway, after a lovely brunch on Sunday, I disconnected the computer and took down the old plastic shelf unit that had been serving as our computer rack. We vacuumed and cleaned the area, assembled the wire frame shelf unit that was replacing it & put it in place.

Looks much nicer, IMNSHO.

Don't I lead an exciting life?

So, that was pretty much the weekend. [ profile] mousecat0 got back around 7 pm. We relaxed for the rest of the evening.

And now the work week has begun. [ profile] mousecat0 starts another class tonight. Every Monday for the next 6-8 weeks.

OK, let's hope that this week is less filled with regret and rage.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
Howdy folks.

Yeah, I know I said I'd try to write more, but weekends are difficult for me to write on. I've got stuff to do, dammit! So, here I am. And there you are. And that wierd guy is over in the corner doing...odd his Star...Wars...collectibles...ODEARGHODS! Stop THAT!


OK, seriously, hope everyone is doing well.

As for me, I am. Day 1 of the second week of the new job, and things are going well. Still don't have a badge, or full access, or useful things like that.

I have coffee though. And my 3 liter bottle of water.

Friday night was uneventful, really. Got home, had some dinner, played some WoW.

Saturday, I got up and went to BestWorstBuy to get some movies for the Easter Baskets. The Easter Bunny (or Easter Spider, if you prefer) has been putting movies into the Easter baskets for a few years instead of a lot of candy. Oh sure, there's SOME candy, but not a lot. I picked up Next Avengers for F. and Pokemon Battle Frontier, Vol 2"> for B. I already had Top Gun for [ profile] mousecat0. Well, once I did that, I met everyone else over at Giant for some grocery shopping, then [ profile] mousecat0 & B went off for the monthly Chivalry & Sorcery game at MSD HQ, while F. & I went home. We put groceries away and cleaned the living room a bit, then settled down to watch Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Although it doesn't lose much in translation to the small screen, I'm still glad I say Iron Man in the theater. I also liked Incredible Hulk, seems to suffer from the same damn problem that the comic went through from the late 60s until the early 80s: Predictability.
  • Something or someone shows up.
  • Hulk comes out.
  • Hulk beats on it.
  • Hulk gets madder and stronger.
  • Antagonist gets crushed.
  • Hulk jumps away.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

So, anyway, we had some fun & played around until the girls got home. The kids went to bed, and [ profile] mousecat0 & I put the baskets together, then I hid the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Sleep beckoned, so I answered it's siren song.

Well, on Sunday, F. was up first, so he got us all up. In my basket was the twin pack of Rocky and Rocky II, as well as some goodies. [ profile] mousecat0 had, in addition to her movie, had 2 cookbooks (Tis the Season to be Baking: Christmas Reflections and Bread Recipes & Bake And Be Blessed, both by Fr. Dominic Garramone), as well as Chocolate Truffles from Glenstal Abbey, Ireland.

While the kids made sure that the table was ready, I set about preparing Easter brunch, consisting of:

And yes, F & I once again shared the lamb butt. ;-)

Afterwards, we cleaned up, then emptied the pantry. Once empty, [ profile] mousecat0 & B. cleaned out the area, while F & I disassembled the old shelf unit. I had purchased a wire-frame shelf unit a few weeks ago, and we finally had the chance to put it together. The other advantage, of course, is that we could get rid of canned goods that have since expired (including a box of store brand jello that had a date of June 2002 on it...)

I'll tell you this: Next time I choose to make nacho fixings or anything that requires refried beans? I'm making my own. We had *6* bags of pinto beans in the pantry. Mainly from Angel Food, and I know they don't go bad...but 6 bags? Oof. That's a bit much.

Finally, we got all that done. [ profile] mousecat0 & F went to her mother's to feed the cat B watched some of her new Pokemon, and I took a nap. When they got home we got ourselves cleaned up a bit and headed to Hamburger Hamlet for dinner. 2 reasons for that: 1: I forgot to take anything out for dinner and 2: Kids ate free. So, Hamlet it was. So, we came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

And now, a few notes:

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On the so-called 'Tea Parties' )

Going to do Mother's Day dinner at my place again. Not sure how many people we're going to have yet. Definitely 8, maybe 10-13. I'll do the proposed menu as a separate post later, as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do with the asparagus (I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!), as well as what appetizer and dessert I'm doing.

Crap. Just got the following article from [ profile] tenku_no_shiro via Twitter: Harry Kalas Taken to Hospital Harry is the long-time voice of Phillies baseball.
EDIT: In the time it took me to finish writing and posting this, Harry Kalas has died. My thoughts on this can be found here.ENDEDIT:

That, I think, is all I have for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
It could be correctly said that I haven't posted much of late, turning this LJ into a Twitter recap.

To be completely fair, there are some good reasons for my not writing much in the last few months, many of which had to do with elevated stress levels over the whole job situation and feeling a need to be careful regarding what I said in what forums and who was potentially watching/listening.

Part of it was undoubtedly my usual post-holiday season letdown.

And the rest was because I was too damn lazy.

Well, enough of this, I say! Time to get back to writing more. I'm not quite up to doing the SLOTD again, but that has more to do with work timing than anything else. Hopefully, by the beginning of next week, I'll be on my "normal" 7:30 - 4 shift, and soon thereafter, ready to start my normal slate of hijinks.

So, what's on tap for the weekend?

Well, lessee. I've got 2 new shelving units to put together and install. Both are the adjustable wire-frame type units I like; one is for the pantry and the other for the computer rack. The current one is too big, too bulky, and about as adjustable as a mountain.

Thanks to all who suggested earphones, whether by twitter or LJ. [ profile] aylinn: I went with your suggestion. Liked them so much I bought a second pair to use with the laptop.

It's also a lot safer to listen to the Angry Mac Bastards podcast with a headset. Damn, but these dudes are funny.

OK, I think that's all I got for the moment.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
But I have Pants!


I'm at work today.

I was ready to go home at 0601 hrs.

Slept for absolute crap last night. Woke up every hour or so. Part of that was probably the congestion. Part was that the "Nighttime Brain Theater" was in full production mode. And yet, I am less sleepy than on any other morning this week. Odd.

In what can only be described as a complete surprise to me, I got to play some World of Warcraft last night. Spent the time on my new DeathKnight, DarthGnome. Why, yes, he's a gnome. How did you guess? Now if I could only give him a big red mohawk... ;-) The new content has been fun so far. Looking forward to more of it.

Picture session went well last night. I got the kids to smile for the photographer. New photographer as well. Not even trained on the register yet. Still, she took good pictures.

Made up a "Do" list over dinner last night. Nothing on it should take long, but it seems like there's sooooo many entries. Why hasn't someone invented the self-cleaning carpet yet? On the list, however, is to watch my yearly "inspiration": A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Garfield's Thanksgiving.

Power supply on main computer at home died last night. Have replacement. Probably won't get to install until Sunday. Laptop working well, fortunately. Looking into replacing computer with new one. *sigh*

Had interesting conversation at work today where I had the opportunity to correct misinformation. Not only correct it, but prove that I gave them the correct information back in July. Once again, if people here would actually read the directions and information I write, everyone's lives would be easier.

So, in about 2 hrs, I'll leave here, go home, make the brine and put it outside to cool, got to the store for bagels for tomorrow AM, come home and work on the Do List. By the time tomorrow, I'll be in the kitchen prepping food.

If I don't post again before tomorrow, It is my fervent wish that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Oh, and eat a piece of pie for me.
Welcome to Wednesday, folks. Time for the weekly bullet list of doom!
Doom I tell you! DOOM! )
Remember, you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that means it's a good day.


Well, no real updates in a while. Again.

I tried to update yesterday, but ran smack into a full blown case of "don'tgiveaflamingcrapitis". That happens to me sometimes. What can I say. Must mean I'm human.

So, on with the bullet points!
  • Me: Doing reasonably well. Health is good. Life is good.
  • Family: Also doing well. Kids are actually off from school today for Rosh Hashana, and as such are at my sister-in-laws for half the day and at my mother-in-laws for the other half. [ profile] mousecat0 should find out this week when the person she's replacing will be coming back, so she'll know how much longer she'll be there. It's a shame, in certain respects, that the person isn't leaving for good, as [ profile] mousecat0 seems to like it there. Hopefully, the temp company will be able to find something else quickly.
  • Work: Well, it's work. Doesn't suck too badly. It's starting to look my schedule will actually be shifted in the next week or two, which is good. Still no word on who will be awarded the new contract, or even when it will be announced.
  • Condo Asshattery: Apparently, someone around our unit is having problems of some sort. The Condo management announced last Wednesday (24 Sept) that they were going to inspect all the units in our section on Friday (26 Sept). Now, I have never professed to be a perfect housekeeper, but we've been keeping things in reasonably good shape for a while, so it was reasonably easy to straighten up to something closer to my grandmother's standards. I was there for the inspection, and aside from one or two things that I knew they'd mention (ex. faucet in bathroom), things went well. I just get annoyed by their "fishing expeditions" - they were obviously looking to blame something on someone. I'm pretty damn sure that they weren't able to blame anything on us.
  • The weekend: Once we got through the inspection, the weekend was pretty good. B. & I got more videos packed up Friday night and we all watched some more of Heroes Season 1. Saturday, we picked up our Angel Food order. Shortly after we had gotten the food put away, the phone rang - it was the HellDesk manager from work, asking me to call the head of IT Security to fix a problem with his laptop. Since I was 99.9% certain of the problem, I agreed to take care of it. 20 minutes later, it was done, and B & I proceeded to replace the hardware on the bathroom sink. A leak had developed where the faucet met the hot water pipe. The only irritating thing about the whole project is that the cabinet that the sink sits on is about 24" wide. Those of you who know me IRL know that my shoulders are far wider than 24". This led to some interesting contortions on my part. But it's done, no leaks, and the faucet and handles do look MUCH nicer. That night I went to [ profile] tth & [ profile] aylinn's for a get together. Sunday was more football, food (Irish theme week!) and fun at [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's.
  • Football: Speaking of which, I was very happy with the defensive efforts of my beloved Philly Eagles on Sunday night. The offense, and more specifically the play calling, was freaking horrible. I seem to remember a definition of "insanity" being "trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results each time". 3 times up the middle, and you got stuffed. So why would a 4th time be better? Grrr. OK, we need the win this week. Down with the Washington Redskins!
  • Current Financial Crisis: Yesterday's silly post aside, here's the problems I've been having with the "crisis" and "bailout".
    • Bernanke and Paulson have been saying that everything's all right for what, a year and a half, and then they want an ungodly amount of money with no accountability or supervision? Yeah, I don't think so, Scooter.
    • Why, exactly, do I and millions of others have to pay for the bad decisions of a relative few? And, I might add that if these asshats had come out ahead, they sure as hell wouldn't be spreading their wealth around.
    • Didn't we see something similar when the "d0t-c0m" bubble burst? Only this time, it's the housing market?

    I just can't help but wonder how this is all going to play out. And if perhaps we shouldn't let this play itself out.
  • Events we're hosting: Game Day date is yet to be determined, but I'm thinking early November. Starting to think I might need to order 2 copies of Munchkin Quest. (jk) New Year's Open House is a go, to be held Dec 31/Jan 1 as usual; details and eVites will come out around Thanksgiving, I think.
  • This weekend: The plan is to be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday. I don't know what Sunday will bring, except that we'll be at home, watching football and engaged in minor chores.
  • Holiday Goodness: Not only have I scored a copy of The Peanuts Holiday Collection, but also copies of The Original Christmas Classics and Christmas Television Favorites. We've watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, mostly for the extra stuff. The extras on the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD, well, we've seen that. So it can wait.

So, that's it for the moment, I think. I'll likely do a post sometime soon about Holiday Traditions; blame [ profile] delazan for that one - she started it. Seriously though? for me, it's a nice walk down memory lane, and it's neat to see and hear what others do as well. The holiday season, for me, is as much about family as it is anything else. Reliving old memories and making new ones with the people that mean the most in our lives.

And for me, that includes you, my good readers.

Remember, you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that means it's a good day.


Well now. Welcome to Tuesday.

I trust you have all recovered sufficiently from the horrors of the beginning of the work week. I know I have, even though I put in 10 hrs yesterday, it was worth it, since I have to leave work early on Friday.

So. Here I am, and here you are, and I suppose I should get around to the update, eh? Because I'm fairly sure you don't want me to just babble on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...

::SLAP!:: Stopthat!


Anyway, on with the show! Once again, in convenient bullet point format!
  • Administrivia: Welcome to new readers [ profile] stevietee and [ profile] thesummerdiva! Pull up a chair, pour yerself a drink, and take a load off! Hope I don't bore you! If you want to know more, check out this post.
  • Me: Doing well, as usual. Not much stress, no major health issues. Yeah, I'm crossing me fingers and thanking the lucky stars.
  • The Family: Also doing well. [ profile] mousecat0 is still at the same temp job. Based on what the person she's replacing said, she'll be there for another 3-4 weeks. Then, time for the temp co to find another gig.
  • The weekend: Saturday morning, B. & I ran some errands, then the afternoon was spent putting the ceiling fan back up in the ceiling. That went very well. It won't be coming down anytime soon. The evening was spent with Freschetta "Pizza" and Heroes season one disc 1. Sunday we went up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football, food, and fun. Good weekend.
  • Work: Found out today that one of our DBAs has put in her notice. This moves me up to #11 on the longevity chart. On the plus side, one of the most intelligent and technically savvy men I have ever had the privilege to work with is coming back to the contract. Any chance to learn more from him is welcome.
  • Iggles vs. Steelers: While I am thrilled that my beloved Philly Eagles won, it was getting a little painful to watch towards the end. "Big Ben" is likely the "Big Bruise" after the pounding the Eagles Defense gave him. Hopefully, the coaching staff will be smart and rest Brian Westbrook this week - I'd rather have him rest and not play for one game than play and make it worse. Time to kick some Bears ass!
  • Holidaze: Turns out things are gonna be a little different this year. Apparently, my mother-in-law doesn't wanna spend Christmas out here. I can't say I blame her; for those who weren't around last year, my father-in-law died on Dec. 16, 2007. First Christmas without him, and he passed right before it. She's going out to California to spend the holiday with her twin. My plan/goal is to take off from Dec. 24 - Jan 4; I'll have the vacation time. We shall see what happens. And yes, we will be hosting the Annual New Years Eve/Day Open House. Details on that as the time draws nearer.
  • This weekend has me doing some minor plumbing work, possibly going to visit people Sat night, and most likely doing football at [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's on Sunday.
  • Finally got to watch the first two episodes of Fringe. Freakin' wow! I love it. [ profile] mousecat0 likes it - just a bit too icky in parts for her. Looking forward to this Tuesday night offering.
  • It will be mine!: Peanuts Holiday Collection (Deluxe Edition). As in, it should be there when I get home today. GLEE!

And that, ladies and gents, is that.

Remember, you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes it a good day.

Peas. Out.


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