Knowing your west-coast predilections, I think you will find the following link rather cool.

The Unseen Sea

Actually, all y'all will like this vid. At least, I think you will. It's pretty cool.
Please call me ASAP regarding your computer.

Phone # is in your Fcebook mailboxes.

Thank you.
Hey [ profile] byronczimmer and/or [ profile] principia_coh!

Are you getting the messages from the Barking Mad Staph list?

If so, will you be at Saturday's meeting? and can [ profile] byronczimmer please give a list of what needs to be done by Sat and by whom to the staph list?

If not, please to be getting in touch with CT to fix your email addys.

Hey, y'all left without the pasta roller.

How do you wanna fix this?
With National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) about to begin, I'd like to take a moment to wish all who choose to participate (including my beloved wife [ profile] mousecat0 and daughter B) the best of luck.

As usual, I will not be participating. I have no desire to. Never have.

May the muses smile upon you all. And please make the appropriate sacrifices to the Gods of Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

Oh wait. This is on my F-list. Y'all should be good. I have faith in you for that, at least.
Attn: [ profile] aynne_witch:

I gots a bin o' games still packed from TCEP. You want I should bring it along just in case weather is ugly?
Order placed. Expected delivery time here is by end of next week.

We will need to arrange for "delivery". What's next weekend look like for y'all?
Need a small favor: Need email addy for Chris D. Can't seem to find it. Need to question him via email.

Comments screened.

Pinging [ profile] commanderd!

Saw this entry on [ profile] metaquotes and thought you'd appreciate it.

Or maybe identify with it.

Or whatever. Hoping your day goes well!
Quick question regarding the C&S Spreadsheet

Does the latest version have the Tarocchi information on it? If so, is it possible to get a copy through the usual channels (ie emailing it to me plz? plz? plz? plz?)

Wow. What a weekend this has been.

So, I mentioned a while ago that we would be sharing our bounty and blessings with some friends who have not bee so fortunate this year. It was my honor to host an early Thanksgiving dinner for [ profile] avahgdu and his family, along with [ profile] aynne_witch and [ profile] millefailte, today.

Now, with [ profile] mousecat0 sick, this meant that the vast majority of the cleaning had to be done by me, as what energy she had was expended yesterday on baking. And so I cleaned until 3 am, mainly because I knew that if I went to bed, I wouldn't wake up in time to do it this morning. It didn't help that I wasn't 100% yet either. But, it was done, and I slept the sleep of the just.

I do need to add a note here. There is no way in hell that we could have gotten everything done in time without the help, however grudgingly given at times, of both B. & F. Thank you both, my kids, for all your hard work.

This morning, [ profile] mousecat0 made some egg cups for us (think scrambled eggs, cheese, and breakfast meat in a small pie crust), while I gave it all one last vacuum. I got the stuffing done, then stuck the turkey in, then sat for a bit and watched Animal House on USA (which means that most of the cursing and naughty bits are removed). The first to arrive were [ profile] avahgdu's sister and her wife. The rest of the gang arrived shortly thereafter. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves sitting around and talking, while I made dinner. Really, this was for them, not me, so I enjoyed hearing the snatches of conversation and fun floating around the condo. F. helped me peel garlic. That was cool.

Everyone seemed to enjoy dinner. This was good. Dessert also seemed to be well received. I sent the leftovers home with them. I've got two more Thanksgiving dinners this week; and they need the food more than we do.

As I said, I'm glad we could do this. But for me, there was one truly high point.

And I don't know if they'll read this.

At one point during the evening, [ profile] avahgdu's sister and her wife made the comment that they felt like they had come home. That they felt comfortable here - like they belonged.

This is all we have ever wanted to do for our friends - all we have ever wanted our home to be. To have our home feel like their home.

Yeah, it was a good day. Well worth the work.

2 notes for people:

[ profile] evilpassion8: You and Angel were missed. Hope to see you at New Years.

[ profile] millefailte: We got the plastic tablecloth at

Peas. Out.
Please see the comments in this entry for info on possible employment opportunity information.
[ profile] tth :  Likely 2 for Saturday.  [ profile] mousecat0  & B.

[ profile] jvowles :  If you're interested: tomorrow night, ~6 pm, Rio Grand Cafe in Bethesda.  Good mexican.
grayhawkfh: (Tat)
Hey [ profile] danicia! You'll probably be getting a call from Alison at Global Insight re: me.

Hopefully, they paid attention to the note that said you were in Pacific time zone and didn't wake you.

Have a fantabulous day!
Have heard exactly nothing from people doing Diagon Alley in Richmond. Please advise them that I said they need to shit or get off the pot.

That is all, Citizen.

The computer is your friend.
The computer wants you to be happy.
To not be happy is treason.
grayhawkfh: (Tat)
I did get your message...but not until late on Christmas Eve Day. When I got home, my cell phone ended up in the bedroom, and I dodn't look for it or at it again until just before dinner on Christmas Eve when I was changing clothes for dinner. I'm sorry I didn't get to call you back. Are you still in the area?

I know, I'm a bad Grayhawk. No Grayhawk biscuit for me. :(


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