Tasty, though I couldn't find what I would have considered to be "medium" parsnips. As a result, the larger ones we used were, I think, a bit too much and overpowered the dish.

Recipe Under Cut )
As tasty as expected. I overcooked the beans a little in the first round; may try steaming instead of boiling next time I do it.

Recipe under cut )
This came out very tasty. Made it a few days in advance; I suspect it benefited from the extra time for the flavors to meld.I suspect this would be best served warm as a side or perhaps over ice cream.

recipe behind cut )
Another winner of a recipe. Made delicious leftovers as well.
recipe behind cut )
This was fan-friggen-tastic. Tasty. meaty. easy. Can't wait to make this one again
recipe behind cut )
Very, very good. We served it with some blackberries on the side.
recipe behind cut )
Excellent recipe. If you want to reduce the heat, using Monterey Jack Cheese instead of the pepper jack is the way to go. Still gives awesome flavor. And hey, of you can get fresh crab? Better still.
recipe behind cut )
Almost no sugar. Incredibly rich. Delicious. Highly recommend.

recipe behind cut )
Ok, this one, no one liked. A little too oily and too vinegary. It just didn't work for us. Putting it up for completeness sake.

recipe behind cut )
Rather good. May need a bit more fluid for the rice to cook to desired tenderness. YMMV.
recipe behind cut )
As I bought my lamb already frenched, this was made easier. However, it's a good idea to get two racks that are about the same physical dimensions to make tying it up easier. Still, VERY delicious.

recipe behind cut )
Real easy to make, can be made the day before with little issue. Very tasty.

recipe behind cut )
Ultimate? Maybe or maybe not. Is it good? OMG YES! YESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!

The recipe covers the crust and the filling. If you're like us, and have not the patience to make crust, go ahead and buy a premade one. I won't tell. ;-) Strongly recommend deep dish, though. It's a lot of apple.
recipe behind cut )
This came out very tasty. Try not to grate yourself, as I did ;-) Made it a few days in advance; I suspect it benefited from the extra time for the flavors to meld. Make sure to taste it after cooking to adjust sweetness/tartness as necessary.
recipe behind cut )
Everyone who tried this liked it.

I don't like sweet potatoes. Never have.

[livejournal.com profile] mousecat0 found it easy to make, but increased the amount of cider by 50% to facilitate the cooking of the sweet potatoes. YMMV.
recipe behind cut )
Saw this when looking for new veggies for Thanksgiving. I like onions. I like port. This seemed to be tasty, and it was. The original recipe says it can be made up to 2 days ahead of time, then brought to room temperature before serving. When I did it, I made them the day before, but waited to finish the reduction until just before dinner. This worked very well.

Recipe behind cut )
Saw this when looking for new veggies for Thanksgiving, and it looked interesting. The shallots and fennel can be roasted a bit ahead of time and kept warm until ready to prepare the verts/beans.

Recipe behind cut )
I always try to find a sugar-free or no-sugar-added dessert for Mother's Day, especially since my Mother-in-law is a diabetic, my father is a diabetic, and I am borderline diabetic.

That said, this was a dessert I knew would please everyone. Blueberries are a favorite in my family, and the ladies all love cheesecake. Not completely sugar free, but close, and not too difficult to make.

Recipe behind cut )
Caveat: I don't like asparagus. At all.

That said, I almost liked this preparation. Almost. F. had seconds of this; everyone at the table liked it. I would caution to be careful in the roasting though. I had varying thicknesses of asparagus, and in order to ensure the thicker pieces were done, the thinner ones overcooked a bit. Might suggest tossing everything in the oil and seasoning, then seperate into two or three batches by thickness. Start the thickest first, wait 3-4 minutes, then add the medium, wait another 3-4 min, then add the thinnest. YMMV.

recipe behind cut )
This came out REALLY well. It was well worth the headache to find the mahi-mahi. I didn't use the coconut milk, as I was full flat-out hustle mode, but it came out wonderful.

Recipe behind cut )


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