So, with the passing of Mr. Gygax earlier this year, it was decided that we should have an "Old Skool Dungeon Crawl" this year at TCEP.  Being as no one else was stepping up to do it, I volunteered myself to run it.

I advertised it thusly:  The gaming world lost an icon this year when E. Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, left this world for Outer Planes unknown. We will be hosting an “old-school” dungeon crawl in his memory. Bring your dice, bring your wits, forget “skills” and “feats”! This is gaming at its finest! And never forget, the magic number is 36,000 cubic feet.

I honestly wasn't sure what kind of attendance I would get.  We have plenty of gamers at TCEP, but they tend to be more board/card/strategy gamers at this point - not so much with the RPGs.  I hadn't chosen what adventure I was going to use until the week before - I was torn between Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl and White Plume Mountain.  In the end, I decided to go with WPM, since I had run that earlier this year for another EGG memorial event.

To my pleasant surprise, I ended up with 7 people.  What amused me was that of the 7, no less than 3 or 4 of the players were not even BORN when WPM was published.  Still, I handed out some pre-gen characters from the back of the Slavers (A1-4) series, let the players modify them, and away we went.

Side note:  While looking for copies of the 1st Ed. AD&D character sheets, I found a neat .pdf that someone had created.  Depending on which filters you had engaged, it would allow you to see (and print!) the different versions of the character sheet.  Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, and can't search for it (the web filters don't allow "games", which also blocks most gaming sites.  Foo.)  However, if you want a copy, let me know in the comments.  I'll be happy to email you a copy.
spoilery bits concealed within )
So, all in all, while the party failed in it's objective, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  If I do this again (and I think I want to), a few things need to be done differently:
  • Character work needs to be done earlier in the weekend.  Maybe set up a time for people to come by and work on them.  I could even be running registration at that point.
  • Start earlier than 7 pm.
  • Try to make sure there's more than one copy of the 1st ed. PHB. 
Wonder what I should do next year.  I know I have one vote for Tomb of Horrors...
As usual, I'll break it down by day. And I'll put it behind cuts, because I'm the friend of youf f-list page...
Friday )
Saturday )
Sunday )
Monday )
Really short version: It was a success!

Short version: About half my events went off. Got to play some new games. Got to play some old games (including my yearly game of Shadows over Camelot). Got to see old friends who I don't get to see nearly enough. Got to make some new friends. Ate lots of fresh bread.

Thanks to all out attendees for coming out and having a good time with us.

Great heaping piles of thanks to our staff members for all their work in pulling off another TCEP. You folks rock on freaking toast. Even more thanks to our new crop of volunteers for stepping up and, well, volunteering.

Tired now. Need to sleep. [ profile] mousecat0 starts new job tomorrow, so I have to get kids on the bus.

More later.
So, for today and the next two days, I'll primarily be in a conference room attending a class on Microsoft Active Directory, the potential risks in our environment, and how they can be mitigated.

I'm a-gonna need TCEP this weekend just to have my brain untangle.

Still, I was included.  I've often had the feeling around here that I've been kinda been seen by middle and upper management as the Windows team fifth wheel - that I'm part of the team because the image is built on Windows, but "Really, what else could he know?"  Now, whether it's because of the last few projects I've worked on or because someone on the gov't side pushed it (or maybe both), I seem to be included in more of the Windows stuff.  This is good.

And it's free.  I like free.

Kids go back to school today.  I still question the wisdom of this.  In for 4 days, then off for 3.  How about starting the day after Labor Day? 

Oh wait.  Logic.  I uses it.

On the plus side, it looks like my request to change work schedule has been approved.  So it looks like I'll be moving to either a 6a - 2:30p or 7a - 3:30p shift.  Mornings and I are not "perfect together", but at least I'll be home to get the kids off the bus.  I won't feel like I'm losing so much of my day, either.  This thing of not getting home until 6:45-7p stinks on ice.

Been trying to catch up with Paul Tevis' podcast Have Games, Will Travel. I don't remember how I got hooked on his show, but I haven't listened to it in far too long.  So, I started downloading and listening again.  A couple of the review highlights that I caught were:
He does board and card games as well, but these are the few that really stuck out for me.  Also, if you're a Kenneth Hite junkie (like I am), he usually does a sit -down interview with hime at least once a year. 

OK, I gotta be back downstairs in ~20 min.  I trust that you will all have a fantastic day, and I hope that many of you will be at TCEP this weekend!

You will be there, right? Details under cut... )
Peas. Out.
I feel like I should be entering something here.

Problem is, there just ain't much going on.

School starts on Tuesday.  Kids are ready to go back.  Not ready, however, to go back to homework.

[ profile] stoooooooo and [ profile] ginabeth are taking the kids for their annual weekend stay.  I expect them to spend 90% of their waking time in the pool.  I expect on Sunday to pick up 2 pink & tan raisins that sorta look like my kids.

In the meantime, I'll be picking up our order from Angel Food and putting the ceiling fan back up.  Plus trying to get things together for TCEP.

And maybe some WoW.

I've put in applications for a number of jobs, both locally and in the DE area.  I'm just tired of the half-assedness of stuff here.  Plus it'd be nice to be paid more. 

An interesting political thought:  Not too long ago, I observed that Senator Obama was rising in my opinion because of his lack of attack ads, and that based on the last several presidents who had a "lot of political leadership experience", that it was perhaps time for someone without so much experience.

My observations were countered with the rebuttal that based on that logic, if my car was broken, would I then take it to a vet?

My answer then, as now, was simple:  Right idea, wrong example.  If the mechanic who has been working on the car has not only not fixed it but made it worse then it would be wise to find another. Now, if you did this with a series of mechanics who graduated from the same school, it would then make sense to find someone from a different school, since it would appear that the first school is doing something wrong.

I don't know if Senator Obama can make a real difference.  But maybe it's time to try something new, because continuing to use what ain't working is nuts.

And yes, I joined the Pro-Obama D&D Crowd.
Hey folks, I promised information on TCEP 15 - and here it is!

Still the best 4 days of gaming, relaxation, and fun in the greater DC area!

Yep, we're running a bit behind this year, but I think that more than ever, we all need a weekend to relax and unwind! And so, here we are, ready to plunge tentacle-first into TCEP 15: The Elder Party!

Unfortunately, we will *not* be able to offer online registration this year. And when we find out who sicced the Shoggoths on our web team, they will be dutifully flogged.

In the meantime, our flier is available in .pdf format! The flier can be downloaded here! Please note the change in mailing address! Get 'em in as early as possible folks!

Update! The flyer is also now available at the main site:

LARP: Well, we had one, but the evil gods of employment have decided to laugh evilly (what else) at us, and so that one is being put on the back burner. We're in "negotiations" for another one. Information will be forthcoming if it happens.

Games: In addition to a number of Cthuloid and politically-themed events, we hope to have at least one "Old Skool" Dungeon crawl in memory of "The Grand Dungeon Master" himself, E. Gary Gygax. As always, we'll have plenty of space for pick-up games!

Saturday night will feature our third annual Charity Poker Tournament to benefit The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, The Center for Basic Cancer Research at Kansas State University, and The Mazzy Kaya Foundation.

We'll also be having a non-gamers area for those who prefer their relaxation to be more of the craft variety. Hosts & hostesses will be announced....when I have their permission. ;-)

Mix all of that in with the Friday night dinner (Bait Sushi at Asahi, or meat at Outback), our famous ConSuite (complete with fresh bread) and you have four days of fun that are not to be missed!

Here's the particulars:

TCEP 15: The Elder Party
Aug. 29- Sept. 1, 2008 (Labor Day weekend)
$40 for the weekend either by Pre-reg or at the door for adults
$20 for the weekend either by Pre-reg or at the door for youth (12-17)
Under 12 admitted free with paid adult membership (Said adult to be responsible for the child)

Hotel Information:
Holiday Inn Laurel West
15101 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD 20707
Group name: Barking Mad
Group Rate: $104/night s/d/t/q occupancy
Note: To receive our special group rate, you MUST CALL the hotel at (301) 776-5300. Do not let them transfer you to the national reservation number!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Yes, planning is underway for TCEP 15: The Elder Party (to be held, as usual, over Labor Day weekend)

But as much as we have fun putting this convention on, it is only a success if you are having fun. And while a majority of our attendees are gamers, not everyone is. To address this concern, we're instituting a Non-Gamers/Gaming Widow track - events and activities for those who are less interested in gaming.

But, to be honest, most of the staff are gamers. So we need some help. Take this short poll below to tell us what you would like to see in this track. And, if you have any thoughts on what sort of LARP or gaming event you would like to see, let us know about that as well!

I thank you in advance for your input. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Laurel!

[Poll #1127974]


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