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In a very real way, Steve Jobs & Apple are responsible for my being in IT today. Sure, I had a Tandy CoCo growing up, and I taught myself BASIC, but it was in college where I landed a job in the writing center (which used Mac Pluses). I eventually became the go-to person for the entire school (much to the displeasure of the Office of Academic Computing) when it came to fixing problems people had with their Macs.

Here I am today, some 20-odd years later, and I'm up to my armpits in servers on a daily basis, doing IT, using an iPad to take notes and surf the web for answers, all while listening to my iPod.

In Pace Requiesat, Steve Jobs. If an afterlife exists, I expect you'll be transforming that before long as well. Thank you for everything.
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Chances are, I'll ignore them.

Because, you know, I care *so* *much* about what random mooks on the street think about me.
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No. I would not. The underlying sentiment is well intentioned.

However, it has been grossly distorted by the flower merchants and jewelry hucksters and chocolate pushers. Their incessant harping that if you don't buy *HER* a bajillion roses and a truckload of chocolate and a rock the size of my head that you are a worthless scuzzball needs to frakking stop.

90% of my email over the last 7 days has been for one or more of these things. This annoys me.
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Easy. I love our condo, and our family has a lot of memories there, but we need a house.
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This question implies that I am fashionable in the first place.

Which I am not. I am of the "terminally fashion impaired" class.
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They would conclude that I read a lot.

Which I do.
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He was an ok wrestler. Not the greatest one I remember seeing. I think he's still active on the indie circuit...


Oh, THAT kind of corporal punishment.

It can be an effective disciplinary tool. It is also reasonably easy to cross the line between discipline and abuse. That, however, does not decrease it's effectiveness.

It was used on me, sparingly. I have also used it, sparingly.
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Home Depot. Because of the shitty way they treated my uncle. He managed one of their stores in the greater Philly area. It was one of the top stores in the country while he managed it. He was fired ecause he was also one of the highest paid managers. And then, I am told, they also screwed him out of his stock options.

Home Depot can eat a bag of dicks.
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Anger? Yes, only once that I can think of. And it was justified.

Self defense? Hell yes. Why would I EVER regret such an action?
[Error: unknown template qotd]I'd open up some arteries on the arsonist to slow Down the fire while I got my stuff out.
grayhawkfh: (philisophical...)
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Working in any service industryfor longer than a week will convince nearly anyone that the human race is doomed, and they all suck. Whiny, narcissistic, self centered, assholes that don't want to be bothered to think for themselves (you forgot Ugly, lazy and disrespectful).

So, I have little faith in people. To paraphrase George Carlin, I love and cherish many of the persons I meet.

THat said, yes, I have seen things that renew my faith in people. Most recently, the efforts of the Make A Wish foundation and the many volunteers who helped a young man be "Electron Boy" for a day. A more personal one can be found here.
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Must. Fart. NOW!
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Being completely honest, the groundhog is about as accurate a weatherman as reading the bumps in a bowl of Cream of Wheat with my toes.

That said, it's having fun with the silly and little things in life (like this) that make life worth living.

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For 25 million and immunity from lawsuits and prosecution, I'd go on Survivor.

And then make it a true game of survival as I hunt, kill, and eat the other players.

Those poor bastards wouldn't have a chance. Tribal council my ass. Tribal council means I get more of them at once.
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I'm not 100% certain. See, it comes down to:
  • Ron Maniglia, aka Dr. Ron, who was my AP Physics teacher. He made the material accessible, yet he never taught down to you. He challenged you, and would give practical examples of the principles being taught.
  • Mr. Lynch, who was my US History I teacher. Yes, he taught history, but he would also talk about current events, and try to help us understand them - the causes and the possible outcomes.
  • Ms. Moccia, who I had for AP English. I have had damn few teachers I respect like I do her. And a lot of that is because of the respect she showed to me. A classic example of this is that we were given an assignment to write about some historical figure who fit the example of the classical tragic hero. Being the sort to not choose what everyone else might do, I strove to find a non-traditional example. I chose to use Adolf Hitler as my example (and he does fit; I defended my choice very well). Many teachers would have failed me outright based on the choice. She didn't. She graded it on it's merits (though she did comment that perhaps another subject may have been more appropriate) - I received an "A" on that paper.
  • So anyway, those are my choices for "Favorite Teacher".
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As if there would be any question: Brigantine Castle.

If you lived in NY/NJ/PA duting the late 70s and early 80s, or spent any time on the Jersey shore, you heard commercials for Brigantine Castle. Great Haunted House/walk-through Dark ride!

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The answer to this can be found here.
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The day after our church wedding, May 26 1996.

Why the day after? The day of the wedding is stressful and chaotic. The day after, we slept in, then spent the day with friends at the Virginia Renaissance Faire.
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Usually reach for the closest bottles of painkiller and antacid (literally or figuratively) and respond with "What did I do this time?"
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Hated: Anything to do with gymnastics/tumbling. I am about as flexible as a 2x4, and have been for years. Never could really get the hang of tumbling and the like.

Liked: Bombardment (Divide class into two teams; put on opposite sides of gym; give them 3 volleyballs, if hit with volleyball, you're out; if ball caught, thrower is out), hockey, volleyball.


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