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Day 7: First D&D product you ever bought? Do you still have it?

Y'all gotta be kidding me, right? Remember that comment I made yesterday about my memory? Lemme tell ya something, Mr. Jack Daniels and his friends (especially O Captain, My Captain) have not been kind to my memory over the years...

But, let's see. Most, if not all, of the 1E hardcovers I owned I received as Christmas gifts. It may have been a module, but I have no idea which one it would have been. (The first module I really recall buying was I6 - Ravenloft, but I know I bought stuff before then...)

OK, I think I have it: The World of Greyhawk boxed set. Read those books from cover to cover. Decided to give each race real-world language analogues (Dwarven=German, Elves=French, etc). Not sure I ever really did anything with those other than read them, but it was definitely a fun read. I still have the books, and the maps. Don't have the box, though.

And if it wasn't that it might have been one of the sets of these:

(Yep. Still got these as well)


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