As I watched events unfold last night, I was stuck by a few thoughts:
  • I didn't feel any joy at the death of Osama Bin Laden. Life is too precious, too fleeting for me to feel joy at anothers passing. I did, however, feel some degree of satisfaction. This was, after all, the sonuvvabitch who orchestrated the biggest sucker punch that America ever received. And just like in any movie where the "bad guy" gets it in the end, there is a sort of cathartic release in knowing that "he got his".
  • As I watched the celebrations in Times Square, in Citizens Bank Park, and outside the north gate of the White House, I never got the feeling that people were celebrating the death of a fellow human being, but rather that this was an outpouring of that same catharsis.
  • I also watched some really silly comments go by on Facebook and Twitter. And I don't mean "ha-ha" silly (though there were quite a few of those), but "Do you have any brains in your head at all" silly. Like people wondering if this would bring peace. Uh NO! This will bring people looking for retribution. The "Head" of al-quiada may be dead, but someone else will step up. They may not be as smart, as connected, as savvy, or as wealthy as OBL, but they *will* step up. And who knows, maybe they're smarter?
  • I'd like to take a moment to deliver a shoutout to all the politicians and talking heads who nearly instantly tried to politicize this:

  • And of course the conspiracy theories have begun. Lord almighty, the tin-foil hat brigade is out in force. I can't bring myself to believe a lot of conspiracy theories; the rampant incompetence and idiocy shown by humans makes me doubt that shit. Or, as [ profile] bynkii put it: I wish the Illuminati were real. That kind of competency in charge would give me great hope."
  • There was also, as I said above, lots of silliness last night that make me laugh out loud. Items like:
    • BREAKING: cigar smoking white man/mohawked black man/suave guy/crazy guy seen delivering Osama body to DC in black van
    • FInally a funeral that Westboro Baptists can protest without pissing anybody off.
    • "Ooops. I should've made that Foursquare check-in private. #4squareFAIL" — Osama Bin Laden's last tweet
    • Every Terrorist-"OK, OK, calm down! EVERYONE CALM DOWN! I HAVE AN IDEA. Who here has seen the movie Weekend at Bernies?"
    • If someone is posting on Facebook that BinLaden is dead, I presume the news was broken on Farmville 1st.

  • Finally, one line that really struck a chord with me last night from the president's speech:

    "But tonight, we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history, whether it’s the pursuit of prosperity for our people, or the struggle for equality for all our citizens; our commitment to stand up for our values abroad, and our sacrifices to make the world a safer place."

    This needs to be tattooed backwards on the forehead of every congresscritter so that they see it everytime they look in a godblessed mirror. Stop saying that the things we need to do are "too hard"! This is America, goddamit, we do 5 impossible things every morning before breakfast!

Ok, I'm done for now. I'm gonna go eat some leftover BBQ ribs.
...but only $0.02 after taxes.

Hey there, how are ya today? Got a little bit of time right now, so I thought I'd drop by and rearrange some electrons. Maybe even post something? Heaven forefend!

OK, ok, enough of all o' that. Time for a Bullet List Of Doom (tm)!

DOOM! Doom, I say!
  • Administrivia: Please give a warm welcome to the three newest readers of this little slice of insanity: [ profile] leaf_kunoichi, [ profile] jvmatucha, and [ profile] mummoth, all of who found me through the friending frenzy I pimped yesterday. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Doing well. Slept for about 10 hours on Tuesday night, and have felt better since. Looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend.
  • Family: Doing reasonably well. Still have to occasionally sit on people to get them to do their homework. [ profile] mousecat0 may be enjoying the next few days of work a little, since the boss will be in the Bahamas. B turns 13 in 18 days. Not sure I'm ready for a teenager yet. ::sigh::
  • Work: is work. And nothing on the other front, but nothing was expected yet. Have about 2-3 weeks before I hear anything.
  • Where we've been: Not much of anywhere, really. At home for the most part, relaxing, cleaning, know the routine. Got some stuff coming up though, which I will talk about in...
  • Where we'll be: [ profile] mousecat0 & B will be at Katsucon this weekend, at least on Saturday. F & I will be at home doing some work, then probably going to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's on Sunday for the Daytona 500. I'm not really a NASCAR fan, but F. likes it, and it's a chance to see family for a bit. a bit of a treat/surprise for the kids. [ profile] mousecat0 is gonna take a half-day and we're gonna take the kids to see the International Spy Museum. After that, we've got meetings, and scout functions, and birthday stuff...we'll be good and busy until the end of March. I think.
  • Wisconsin: I need to take a moment here to talk about this mess. Let's leave aside the fact that I'm looking for a federal job, ok? If we are going to tak a serious look at things, we have to admit one thing: in certain ways, the unions are broken. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in any job where they have to deal with a union can tell you that there are some people who need to go, but you can't get them out because of tenure. And I'm not talking about some worker who has put in many long years and is kinda coasting the last year or two until their retirement - I honestly don't begrudge them that. But I am talking about those people who know that it's damn near impossible to get fired and who use that fact to get away with being obstructionist, petty, lazy, incompetent, burned out, or just plain useless. I've seen it in every government agency I've worked in. Every teacher worth their salt that I've known sees these people too. Yes, there's a place for longevity and not being able to fire people just because they're older, but there has to be a way to get rid of the deadwood. And this whole idea of stripping away the collective bargaining rights is also fucking stupid. Especially from teachers, who are not, and have never been paid enough. The unions may be a part of the problem, but the bigger problem (by far) is the ridiculous idea on the part of the American people that they want it all, they want it now, and they don't want to pay for it. Paying the people who run the government (and I ain't talking about the politicians - they're about as useful as a gnat's fart in a windstorm - I'm talking about the rank and file...the people who actually do the work) a good wage is neither wasteful nor unreasonable. Paying the people who we trust to educate our children a good wage is neither wasteful nor unreasonable. *IF THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOB* The unions need to get off their ass and figure out a way to make merit part of the criteria for tenure. The politicians need to get over themselves and look at people and corporations and say "Hey, you want this stuff? Pay up".
  • Gaming: Well, we're 3 sessions into the new Pathfinder game. I know I'm not "feelin' it" as a GM as I take them In Search Of The Unknown, but that's in large part due to the fact that this is a straight-out dungeon crawl with little to no story. In this case, it's probably just as well, as we're all learning the system. It's just that I like my adventures to have a little more story behind them. We'll get there. They've only got one more session in here, I think. Then it's on to the Keep on the Borderlands (I think).
  • WoW: Still playing a few nights a week. Completed the new questlines, just have Dungeons and raids to see. Probably start leveling my Archaeology and Fishing.

I think that's all I got for now.
I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
Origins: 125 Days!
TCEP 18: 197 Days!
Intervention: 211 Days!
So, it's been farrrrr too long since I've done any update of substance.

So here we go. Get some coffee (or beverage of choice) and get comfy.
  • Administrivia: Please give a warm welcome to the three newest readers of this little slice of insanity: [ profile] magsmom, [ profile] _luaineach, and [ profile] onezumi. Pull up a chair and help yourself to somethin' to drink. I generally suggest that people read this post if they want to know more about me.
  • Me: Doing well. I'm in good spirits. Hallowe'en is done, and the planning and prepping for Thanksgiving begins in earnest. I'm feelin' good and looking...well, like myself. Which is to say that I'd lose to Godzilla in a beauty contest, but hey, that's normal, so it's all good. In early to work this AM since the kids are off from school (Teachers Professional Day) and I can drop F off at his after-school care as early as 0700. I'll use the time towards my day off for AnimeUSA later in the month.
  • I probably don't need to say this to y'all, but it bears repeating: Please, tomorrow, go out and vote. Thank you.
  • Family: Well, everyone is doing pretty well. The kids are on a bit of a sugar high (Duh!) and are enjoying the long weekend. [ profile] mousecat0 & B are gearing up for NaNoWriMo; I'm staying out of the way. F was dealing with some sorta low-end stomach bug about half the weekend. No barfing, just stinky gas, gas pains, mild nausea, and the runs.
  • NaNoWriMo: To everyone who is participating, good luck to you.
  • Work: We seem to have passed the first milestone. Now for the next big one. After that, things calm down a bit. We hope.
  • What we've been doing: Well, lessee, it's been over a month since last update. EEP! OK, by week then:
    • Sept 27 - Oct 3: Cleaned up from painting the Living room. Went to MD Renaissance Faire. Went to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football and to celebrate [ profile] luvmomh's birthday. [ profile] mousecat0 made an awesome tiramisu for the shindig.
    • Oct 4 - 10: My car wouldn't start after getting cup of coffee (connection to starter motor was bad). Total was ~$130. Touched up paint in LR. Replaced trim around front door (had to do the whole thing because I couldn't find matching trim). Cleaned front of condo. Brought Halloween decorations out of storage.
    • Oct 11 - 17: Enjoyed day off on the 11th. Car needed jumpstart at work on the 15th. Bought battery for my car and tires for [ profile] mousecat0's car. Decorated front of condo.
    • Oct 18 - 24: Not much other than take long weekend to go to NJ to visit lighthouses (which will get it's own post).
    • Oct 25 - 31: Watched horror movies. Had car starter die on me. Had starter replaced. Took F. Christmas List shopping. Gave out candy.
  • Gaming: Not too much, not even WoW. I logged on a few times to try for the Headless Horseman's mount, but never got it.
  • What's coming up: Well, lessee, this week, we're going out to dinner on Thursday to celebrate the birthday of [ profile] mousecat0 and her sister, then grocery shopping on Saturday for Thanksgiving dinner (the menu for which gets it's own post). Also need to defrost the freezer and rearrange and clean out the fridge. Lots of food coming in. Need space. The following weekend is AnimeUSA, which, while we are attending, we will no longer be staying at the hotel (see auto repairs above). If we can get and keep things cleaned up, then one or more of us may go up to [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's for football on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
  • Horror flicks: My son F. doesn't care for them, neither does [ profile] mousecat0. My daughter B & I watched several over the last few days, most of which she hasn't seen before. I had the joy of introducing her to:She seemed to enjoy them, and jumped at the end of Carrie. Like I still do. And I've probably seen it two dozen times.
I think that's all I've got for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes today a good day.

Peas. Out.

Convention Countdown
Anime USA: 11 Days!
I do believe I have found the candidate I shall vote for for State Senate:

My good friend, Royce Day.

Well, I like his platform...
Excellent piece entitled America Needs a War on Stupid.

(Tip of the hat to [ profile] bynkii for pointing it out.)
Yeah, I've been meaning to try and post for a few days weeks now. Thing is, every time I was up for writing, I was either not near a computer or bogged down with work. When I had the time, I had no interest.

Hate that crap, I do.

Enough, I say. Time to put fingers to keyboard and get some of this crap rollin' about in my head out and down on e-paper. And, I think, time for a Bullet List of Doom (tm)!Cut for length and stuff )I think that's about it for now. I'm a-gonna see if I can crank out one or more of the posts alluded to above.

I remind you all to have a good day. The very fact that you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning makes it a great start to a good day.
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So, it's done. The health care bill has passed.

Critics are raving; proponents are slapping themselves on the back.

And I, like most of America, am left wondering what this means for me and my family.

Let me be clear. I've said this before. The system that is in place now




I don't know if this plan will make any more difference than a gnat's fart in a windstorm. What I do know is that we had to do *something*. As [ profile] keithdb pointed out elsewhere, it seems we've become a nation afraid to take chances. Afraid to fail - which makes us afraid to succeed. If every little step isn't planned out and risk eliminated, people don't want to proceed. And truth be told, I've been as guilty of that at times as the next person.

And yet, I find myself pondering two quotes:

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten - author unknown

Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Leaving things they way they were is lunacy. Too many people fall through the cracks. Too many people have to choose between medicine for their children or paying the electric bill. They don't see the doctor because they don't have the money. People denied procedures that will actually improve their health and reduce long term costs for reasons unbeknownst to Gods and men.

And yes, I've been in *every* *one* of those scenarios. And they all fucking suck. And way too many of my friends are here as well.

I don't know if this bill is going to work any better. I'm neither smart enough to decipher it nor audacious enough to predict the future of how this will all play out.

But something had to be done. And it was.

Now we watch and wait. And if it fails, let us all have the decency to not point accusatory fingers, but instead admit the failure frankly, and try something else.
So, hi there.

Yeah, I feel like I should update. And I actually feel like updating.
But it's been a while, so behind the cut it goes )
Yeah, ok, whatever. As I and others have pointed out, Monday gets a bad rap as the beginning of the work week. I'm just not a morning person.

So, anyway, spent a very enjoyable evening last night. I started out by playing a little WoW, but gave up on that as I was distracted by one of my latest acquisitions from Amazon: Clash of the Titans. Yep, I got my order in yesterday, consisting of:
Good stuff. Plus, need to keep up the cinematic education of my two young geeks.

Found out today that my 90 day eval will be next week. Being as I was also just asked what security classes I've had and am considering taking, either I'm being buffaloed REALLY well or I'm in good shape.

Regarding Michael Jackson: I choose to remember him the way he was in the 80's, before he seemed to go REALLY over the deep end. Plus, if even half of what his father allegedly did to him is true, the deck was stacked against MJ from the beginning. He was a great entertainer, and left a musical legacy behind that will be hard to touch. May he find the peace in the next life he was denied in this one.

Regarding Sarah Palin: I don't know that it matters why she left the governor's seat. She's out, and like all politicians who show disregard for the rights of Americans, she needs to be watched.

Ooops. Lunch break is almost over. TTYL.
Howdy folks.

Yeah, I know I said I'd try to write more, but weekends are difficult for me to write on. I've got stuff to do, dammit! So, here I am. And there you are. And that wierd guy is over in the corner doing...odd his Star...Wars...collectibles...ODEARGHODS! Stop THAT!


OK, seriously, hope everyone is doing well.

As for me, I am. Day 1 of the second week of the new job, and things are going well. Still don't have a badge, or full access, or useful things like that.

I have coffee though. And my 3 liter bottle of water.

Friday night was uneventful, really. Got home, had some dinner, played some WoW.

Saturday, I got up and went to BestWorstBuy to get some movies for the Easter Baskets. The Easter Bunny (or Easter Spider, if you prefer) has been putting movies into the Easter baskets for a few years instead of a lot of candy. Oh sure, there's SOME candy, but not a lot. I picked up Next Avengers for F. and Pokemon Battle Frontier, Vol 2"> for B. I already had Top Gun for [ profile] mousecat0. Well, once I did that, I met everyone else over at Giant for some grocery shopping, then [ profile] mousecat0 & B went off for the monthly Chivalry & Sorcery game at MSD HQ, while F. & I went home. We put groceries away and cleaned the living room a bit, then settled down to watch Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Although it doesn't lose much in translation to the small screen, I'm still glad I say Iron Man in the theater. I also liked Incredible Hulk, seems to suffer from the same damn problem that the comic went through from the late 60s until the early 80s: Predictability.
  • Something or someone shows up.
  • Hulk comes out.
  • Hulk beats on it.
  • Hulk gets madder and stronger.
  • Antagonist gets crushed.
  • Hulk jumps away.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

So, anyway, we had some fun & played around until the girls got home. The kids went to bed, and [ profile] mousecat0 & I put the baskets together, then I hid the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Sleep beckoned, so I answered it's siren song.

Well, on Sunday, F. was up first, so he got us all up. In my basket was the twin pack of Rocky and Rocky II, as well as some goodies. [ profile] mousecat0 had, in addition to her movie, had 2 cookbooks (Tis the Season to be Baking: Christmas Reflections and Bread Recipes & Bake And Be Blessed, both by Fr. Dominic Garramone), as well as Chocolate Truffles from Glenstal Abbey, Ireland.

While the kids made sure that the table was ready, I set about preparing Easter brunch, consisting of:

And yes, F & I once again shared the lamb butt. ;-)

Afterwards, we cleaned up, then emptied the pantry. Once empty, [ profile] mousecat0 & B. cleaned out the area, while F & I disassembled the old shelf unit. I had purchased a wire-frame shelf unit a few weeks ago, and we finally had the chance to put it together. The other advantage, of course, is that we could get rid of canned goods that have since expired (including a box of store brand jello that had a date of June 2002 on it...)

I'll tell you this: Next time I choose to make nacho fixings or anything that requires refried beans? I'm making my own. We had *6* bags of pinto beans in the pantry. Mainly from Angel Food, and I know they don't go bad...but 6 bags? Oof. That's a bit much.

Finally, we got all that done. [ profile] mousecat0 & F went to her mother's to feed the cat B watched some of her new Pokemon, and I took a nap. When they got home we got ourselves cleaned up a bit and headed to Hamburger Hamlet for dinner. 2 reasons for that: 1: I forgot to take anything out for dinner and 2: Kids ate free. So, Hamlet it was. So, we came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

And now, a few notes:

On the Amazon Kerfluffle )
On the so-called 'Tea Parties' )

Going to do Mother's Day dinner at my place again. Not sure how many people we're going to have yet. Definitely 8, maybe 10-13. I'll do the proposed menu as a separate post later, as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do with the asparagus (I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!), as well as what appetizer and dessert I'm doing.

Crap. Just got the following article from [ profile] tenku_no_shiro via Twitter: Harry Kalas Taken to Hospital Harry is the long-time voice of Phillies baseball.
EDIT: In the time it took me to finish writing and posting this, Harry Kalas has died. My thoughts on this can be found here.ENDEDIT:

That, I think, is all I have for now.

Remember: You woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that makes this a good day.

Peas. Out.
"Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results each time." - Author unknown

“If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.” - Anthony Robbins

I woke up this morning, and even in my groggy, sleep-deprived state, I could the air. Something new. Something different.

Last night, I had the good fortune to witness a historic moment. A moment that will have repercussions for years to come.

Not that a man of African-American heritage became the new President of the United States, although that certainly was a truly significant moment. As I saw elsewhere on LJ, though I cannot find it and or remember the attribution:

Rosa sat so Martin could walk.
Martin walked so Barack could run.
Barack ran so our children could fly

And if someone could point out the proper person/place to attribute this to, I'd be most appreciative.

No, the moment I refer to is that the country stood up as one and said that there needs to be a change. That the way things have been run for the last 8 years (and, truthfully, for longer than that) is no longer acceptable.

Here's the part that many won't want to hear: Change isn't fun, isn't quick, and it isn't painless. But change is necessary if we want to give our children, our grandchildren, our families, our friends, each other, ourselves the kind of America we can all be proud of, it's going to take some pain and growing. It will take sacrifice and hard work and sweat.

About an hour ago, my kids woke up to a new America. An America rejuvenated by hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that we can not only weather our current crises but come out on the other side stronger for the experience.

I know I'm willing to work to keep that going for them. I hope that you are as well.
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You preferred Obama's statements 89% of the time
You preferred McCain's statements 11% of the time

Voting purely on the issues you should vote Obama

Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues?

Find out now!
The following headline from the Boston Globe caught my eye this morning:

Consistent Message Eluding McCain

So, my challenge to you, dear reader: What message is eluding McCain? Serious good, humorous better.

Political flame wars to be deleted.

(Note: While I currently support Obama, I am currently convinced that I don't trust either any of the four P/VP candidates to lead a grade school student council, let alone the US.)
Welcome to Wednesday, folks. Time for the weekly bullet list of doom!
Doom I tell you! DOOM! )
Remember, you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that means it's a good day.


I think I may have just found my 10 year old daughter's big Christmas gift!

The Sarah-Cuda Bow! from Lakota Industries!

As far as I can tell, it ain't a joke item.

My purchasing it for B., however, is.
Well, no real updates in a while. Again.

I tried to update yesterday, but ran smack into a full blown case of "don'tgiveaflamingcrapitis". That happens to me sometimes. What can I say. Must mean I'm human.

So, on with the bullet points!
  • Me: Doing reasonably well. Health is good. Life is good.
  • Family: Also doing well. Kids are actually off from school today for Rosh Hashana, and as such are at my sister-in-laws for half the day and at my mother-in-laws for the other half. [ profile] mousecat0 should find out this week when the person she's replacing will be coming back, so she'll know how much longer she'll be there. It's a shame, in certain respects, that the person isn't leaving for good, as [ profile] mousecat0 seems to like it there. Hopefully, the temp company will be able to find something else quickly.
  • Work: Well, it's work. Doesn't suck too badly. It's starting to look my schedule will actually be shifted in the next week or two, which is good. Still no word on who will be awarded the new contract, or even when it will be announced.
  • Condo Asshattery: Apparently, someone around our unit is having problems of some sort. The Condo management announced last Wednesday (24 Sept) that they were going to inspect all the units in our section on Friday (26 Sept). Now, I have never professed to be a perfect housekeeper, but we've been keeping things in reasonably good shape for a while, so it was reasonably easy to straighten up to something closer to my grandmother's standards. I was there for the inspection, and aside from one or two things that I knew they'd mention (ex. faucet in bathroom), things went well. I just get annoyed by their "fishing expeditions" - they were obviously looking to blame something on someone. I'm pretty damn sure that they weren't able to blame anything on us.
  • The weekend: Once we got through the inspection, the weekend was pretty good. B. & I got more videos packed up Friday night and we all watched some more of Heroes Season 1. Saturday, we picked up our Angel Food order. Shortly after we had gotten the food put away, the phone rang - it was the HellDesk manager from work, asking me to call the head of IT Security to fix a problem with his laptop. Since I was 99.9% certain of the problem, I agreed to take care of it. 20 minutes later, it was done, and B & I proceeded to replace the hardware on the bathroom sink. A leak had developed where the faucet met the hot water pipe. The only irritating thing about the whole project is that the cabinet that the sink sits on is about 24" wide. Those of you who know me IRL know that my shoulders are far wider than 24". This led to some interesting contortions on my part. But it's done, no leaks, and the faucet and handles do look MUCH nicer. That night I went to [ profile] tth & [ profile] aylinn's for a get together. Sunday was more football, food (Irish theme week!) and fun at [ profile] stoooooooo & [ profile] ginabeth's.
  • Football: Speaking of which, I was very happy with the defensive efforts of my beloved Philly Eagles on Sunday night. The offense, and more specifically the play calling, was freaking horrible. I seem to remember a definition of "insanity" being "trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results each time". 3 times up the middle, and you got stuffed. So why would a 4th time be better? Grrr. OK, we need the win this week. Down with the Washington Redskins!
  • Current Financial Crisis: Yesterday's silly post aside, here's the problems I've been having with the "crisis" and "bailout".
    • Bernanke and Paulson have been saying that everything's all right for what, a year and a half, and then they want an ungodly amount of money with no accountability or supervision? Yeah, I don't think so, Scooter.
    • Why, exactly, do I and millions of others have to pay for the bad decisions of a relative few? And, I might add that if these asshats had come out ahead, they sure as hell wouldn't be spreading their wealth around.
    • Didn't we see something similar when the "d0t-c0m" bubble burst? Only this time, it's the housing market?

    I just can't help but wonder how this is all going to play out. And if perhaps we shouldn't let this play itself out.
  • Events we're hosting: Game Day date is yet to be determined, but I'm thinking early November. Starting to think I might need to order 2 copies of Munchkin Quest. (jk) New Year's Open House is a go, to be held Dec 31/Jan 1 as usual; details and eVites will come out around Thanksgiving, I think.
  • This weekend: The plan is to be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday. I don't know what Sunday will bring, except that we'll be at home, watching football and engaged in minor chores.
  • Holiday Goodness: Not only have I scored a copy of The Peanuts Holiday Collection, but also copies of The Original Christmas Classics and Christmas Television Favorites. We've watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, mostly for the extra stuff. The extras on the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD, well, we've seen that. So it can wait.

So, that's it for the moment, I think. I'll likely do a post sometime soon about Holiday Traditions; blame [ profile] delazan for that one - she started it. Seriously though? for me, it's a nice walk down memory lane, and it's neat to see and hear what others do as well. The holiday season, for me, is as much about family as it is anything else. Reliving old memories and making new ones with the people that mean the most in our lives.

And for me, that includes you, my good readers.

Remember, you woke up on the proper side of the grass this morning. By definition, that means it's a good day.


From the Reuters website:

McCain says will suspend campaign to return to Washingon Thursday to help with bailout negotiations, asks that Friday debate with Obama be postponed so bailout negotiations can continue.

Edit: Here's the Article:

Good one, dipshit. Way to try to capitalize on a crisis that you helped create.
... to the Paulson bailout. Demand 'No blank check' - tell your Congresscritter you do not support giving Wall Street a blank check with no oversight. With an economy on the ropes, a rapidly shrinking job market (did you know 605,000 jobs have been lost since the beginning of this year?), and a tidal wave of foreclosures and bad mortgages, the arrogant ... persons ... on Wall Street and in the current Administration want to reward the folks that caused this whole thing while charging the taxpayer for it. Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us scream loudly enough, Congress will finally grow a spine and stand up for what's right.

(Thanks to [ profile] nostasia for the information)
I feel like I should be entering something here.

Problem is, there just ain't much going on.

School starts on Tuesday.  Kids are ready to go back.  Not ready, however, to go back to homework.

[ profile] stoooooooo and [ profile] ginabeth are taking the kids for their annual weekend stay.  I expect them to spend 90% of their waking time in the pool.  I expect on Sunday to pick up 2 pink & tan raisins that sorta look like my kids.

In the meantime, I'll be picking up our order from Angel Food and putting the ceiling fan back up.  Plus trying to get things together for TCEP.

And maybe some WoW.

I've put in applications for a number of jobs, both locally and in the DE area.  I'm just tired of the half-assedness of stuff here.  Plus it'd be nice to be paid more. 

An interesting political thought:  Not too long ago, I observed that Senator Obama was rising in my opinion because of his lack of attack ads, and that based on the last several presidents who had a "lot of political leadership experience", that it was perhaps time for someone without so much experience.

My observations were countered with the rebuttal that based on that logic, if my car was broken, would I then take it to a vet?

My answer then, as now, was simple:  Right idea, wrong example.  If the mechanic who has been working on the car has not only not fixed it but made it worse then it would be wise to find another. Now, if you did this with a series of mechanics who graduated from the same school, it would then make sense to find someone from a different school, since it would appear that the first school is doing something wrong.

I don't know if Senator Obama can make a real difference.  But maybe it's time to try something new, because continuing to use what ain't working is nuts.

And yes, I joined the Pro-Obama D&D Crowd.


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