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(Reposted from my Facebook entry of Jan 26, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/Grayhawk/posts/10202543147396625?stream_ref=10)

So, the Olympics are coming up in less than 2 weeks. Once again, I am certain we will be watching. I've always enjoyed the winter more than the summer. More of a hockey fan than basketball, and skiing, bobsled, luge, etc always appealed more to me as a spectator than track and field.

But with the Olympics comes a slew of bullshit. Yes, I am aware of the hideous Russian laws. And no amount of people watching or not watching will change them. Only the Russian people can do anything about this - the rest of us are flapping our gums in the wind.

In the meantime, our athletes, who have spent a lot of time preparing, are competing on a grand stage against others who may have nothing else in common but their sport. And at the end, they (usually) set a good example for the rest of us by congratulating each other after a hard fought competition. THAT is one of the things we should be taking away from this - that we can find common ground and respect for one another regardless of political boundaries, geographic differences, skin color, ethnic persuasion, or any other difference, real or imagined.

Even during the height of the cold war, there was respect for the Soviet Bloc athletes. Sure, it was grudging at times, but it was there.

I think the world in general could stand to learn this lesson: There is always something that we can use to bridge the gaps and come to an understanding, to come together in peace and fellowship - even when competing with one another.

That, to me, is the Olympic Spirit.
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